Why Customized Challenge Coins Are Important?


Challenge coins are simply medals that are presented for membership, awarding, or promotional purposes. But, in today’s advanced world, they are used for almost all purposes. People even use them at weddings. This makes a low cost yet high quality gift for precious guests. Challenge coins have always remained important since their first use back in World War 1. Air Force of USA first used them.  The purpose was to show who the member of the Air Force is. This is the smallest introduction of challenge coins. Now, let’s have a look when first customized coins were created. They were first produced by US Air Force.

An officer wanted them to be produced for him. He preferred gold plated coin with the emblem of the specific squadron. He presented the coin to the pilot of that squadron. Later, the officer was promoted as the in-charge of the squadron.

Later, many other departments of military demanded their personalized coins. They had their own specifications. These coins looked specifically with the emblem, slogan, identification picture, logo, etc. on the coin. Each department including Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. had their own coins.

military-coins-collectionAt first, the coins were only used for membership purpose. They were in use of military only. Later on, they got very popular and their area of use expanded. Now, they were used for many other creative purposes rather than the only membership symbol. People gave them as an award. They were used for the special mission accomplishment. When the mission completed, the coin was given again to the soldier as acknowledgement of achievement. It is also possible that the soldier gets an additional coin.

Even now, they are extremely popular among different organizations. The reason is the immense variety of the coin’s design. You can select from thousands of designs. Each design can hold your personalized identification marks and information to make your perfect custom coin. This variation includes color scheme, variant text, metal, shape, size and many other things. When you will design your own coin, you will find it is a quite interesting activity.

These coins are a great source of boosting the moral of the teams. In the team, each member is special because he is holding the coin that also belong to other members. All of them are going to put a collective effort to achieve a task. This way, the members feel united. They feel their strength is multiplied, and they can easily get what they are appointed to achieve. This also awakens the sense of responsibility in each member of the team. Most importantly, the coin is advertising the noble cause the entire team is going to work on. This self-esteem is also the dream of many brave workers. Others see them with great respect.custom-challenge-coins

The best thing about these coins is their price. Each coin comes in a few dollars. They mean a lot to persons who get these coins. They develop an emotional attachment with them, and they keep them with great care. If taken good care, these coins can last for a lifetime. This is a good source of emotional memories when a person was involved in doing something positive. When they get old, they can see the coins and remember the old memories. They can also tell the stories associated with each coin. This is the achievement of a soldier in his entire life. These coins remind him that golden period.