Use of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge coins is not a new technique to promote your product and brand. Initially it was created during World War 1 to encourage the troops to fight bravely. Today military coins are the form of those custom Challenge coins. Now these custom Challenge coins are used mostly for the business purposes, social events and for the award shows rather than business cards.

Custom Challenge Coins

Identity is one of the most important characteristics of Custom Challenge Coins. These coins give an identity to the holder which is an attractive desire of everyone. After military culture,  these coins are used to give identity and ranks to the employees to boost up their confidence and to accept their identity. If you assign a custom Challenge coin to a person within your organization in the reward of his efforts, he will work harder, and output will be better.

These coins are used to promote your product and brand. You can give a custom Challenge coin as a gift to the customer who purchases a certain amount of goods from your store as thanks. It will make them respectable and encourage them to return back next time. Custom Challenge coins work just like a reminder to your potential customers to visit again. It is easy for a customer to refer your shop to any other person with these custom Challenge coins.

These coins are being used in the schools, colleges, universities as well as in the clubs to identify the students. Now a day these custom Challenge coins are being used to pay homage to the soldiers, who gave life in the wars and also as the civil award of the country to the high class visitors. It is also used to give life achievement awards to the people who work for the country in any exceptional field.