US Flag Day Challenge Coins

Us-Day-Flag-CoinUS Flag Day is an important day in the USA’s history. The day is celebrated to show love towards the flag of the USA. This day is celebrated on 14th June every year. People gather at a decided place and raise the flag. They feel happy for their flag. Patriot songs are sung, and food is eaten together. It is always a scene of the party. The design of the flag was adopted on 14th June. This is also the anniversary of Army establishment. The congress declared it a formal day back in 1777. There are many evidences when the event was celebrated. The historical literature tells in detail about it. However, very first time, US Flag Day was celebrated in 1777. The day shows the strength of the entire nation. They show the entire America is just one unit. They have the same thoughts and ideas about life and their surroundings. They want to do well for their country. To celebrate this special day in even exclusive way, each American needs a challenge coin. Challenge coins are a particular kind of medals with specific information about the event being celebrated. These coins are special in many ways. One is its price. Price wise challenge coins are an excellent tool for any kind of celebrations. One coin costs less than a dollar. Only fancy challenge coins come in a few dollars. However, this is a personal choice. If you are not very selective about the design and making of the coins, you can choose one design from several hundred options to buy them in a few cents per piece.

The first appearance of challenge coins is found in 1914 during World War 1. At that time, USA used them for the first time. Air Force of USA employed these coins for membership purpose. Soon, the popularity of coins increased and many individuals and companies utilized them for their own kind of purposes. One of those main reasons is celebrated. These coins are used for celebrating almost every event of the world.

The main kind of challenge coin that is issued on the occasion of US Flag Day is a coin with the picture of the flag. Each coin holds big sized flag image to show the event. In addition, some other important information is also printed on the coins. This may include the year of celebration, a number of US Flag Day, a saluting guy, etc. All these gestures show the event.

Us Flag DayMost probably, the first Flag Day in United States of America was celebrated in Waubeka, Wisconsin. In this place, there is a school called Stony Hill School. History says that was the first place where primary Flag Day was celebrated with the complete formal environment. First time American accepted the flag with stripes and stars. These days, all government organizations at least celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. Every person wears the flags in any way. The easiest and most cost effective way is making challenge coins. Different ceremonies are organized to celebrate the say. At the start of the ceremony, these coins are distributed among the participants. Sometimes, the coins are given away at the end of the ceremony to celebrate the Flag Day and the ceremony too.

On this special day, many people buy these coins as collectibles. Some gift the coins to their relatives, friends and other well-known persons.