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Coins For Honoring The Best Players Of Champion’s Trophy 2013

award-coinsChallenge coins have remained hit solution for celebrating important events of the world. They are cost effective products to be used for many different purposes or causes. They were first used for membership purpose, but now, they are mostly given as an award to honor the extraordinary work of anybody. Different fields use them for their personal purposes. They use it their way because every organization is different from the other.

Champions trophy is also one of important events celebrated under the governance of ICC (International Cricket Council). This event is yet to start on 6th June in the coming month. This time England is hosting this event. Every year, millions of people buy tickets for watching the matches live. There is also no limit for people sitting at home and watching through their television screens. The event will end on 23rd June with 15 super matches. The schedules are available on the internet. There are many sites that hold this information because they know the world will get crazy for 17 days.

Max-Challenge-CoinsChallenge coins have started to come into the market for this event. There are many companies on the internet that want to cash this valuable event. They know not only ICC will book one of them to produce their custom coins for honoring the best players of Champion’s trophy 2013 but, many common people who come to watch the matches like to wear these coins to show how keen they are about the occasion.

When the use of these coins became famous, many organizations used them for honoring others. The tradition is still going on. ICC will also issue purposeful coins for the players. There are many events when they will need these medals. All the best players including man of the match, best player of the day, best opener, best baller, and all such players will get these medallions for their outstanding performance.

This is the story of the players who are directly linked to the play. But, there are many crazy heads who will go to watch this event. Some will like to enjoy these matches from their home. Whatever the mode of the match watching be, all of them will surely get their coins for this event. People order them for showing they are involved in the event; they will also get it for gifting each other; they will buy a few coins for collecting purposes. For 17,  days, the fun will be in but, the way of celebration will be different for every person.

If you are also looking for such coins, you should use the internet instead of trying other ways. Simply search for required coins and you will get thousands of options. Each coin manufacturing organization has its own collection so, you will feel fun exploring your perfect one. There are also no worries for prices as they start at $3 onwards.

Champions Trophy coins are special purpose coins with specific graphics, text, logo and slogans, etc. When you will see the coin, you will recognize its purpose of creation. This is the beauty of these self-explanatory coins. If there is no picture of bat, ball, pitch, etc. on the coin, how would it make a coin for the Champion’s Trophy? Each team in the tournament has its own coins. You can choose one coin of your favorite team and support it in a silent way.

Promoting The Players And Games Through Challenge Coins


It is not easy these days to maintain the pressure of all the big brands coming in for the same kind of stuff. There is a lot of competition, and it is very hard to manage the things according to the need of the time. Most people go after brands and the way they are promoted. There are a lot of people who know how the different things are managed; these include the setting up of different tournaments and managing of the players. When games are newly introduced to a town, the interest of the people need to be developed in the game. The best players are advertised, and the public is invited to come and view their game. The best way to advertise about the different games is through promotional challenge coins. These promotional challenge coins are used to promote the different players and how they play. The fans and lovers of the players gather the different coins and feel proud to be having the different coins of their favorite players with them. At times, special schemes are set up; whoever would collect five coins would get the ticket in the front row of the game. It is a good idea to manage things according to the schemes so that more and more people get attracted towards the game. The youth plays a vital part in the promotion of such things. There are several men who want to promote new players and to do, so they get special coins minted for the sake of the players.


These coins are given out for free with some shopping or on purchasing tickets for the game. It is quite helpful to promote games and players. These coins are not made up of expensive metals. They are made in nickel or copper and to give them a better look an epoxy coating is done over them so that they look better, attractive and shiny. The rates of these coins are not very high, and on the minting of these coins in a large number the price per piece lower down.

Challenge Coins For Sport Teams

Challenge coins are quite famous because of being cheap, and their attractive, durable and different uses. People wearing challenge coins do not wear only a metal; they in fact wear the feelings of pride, affiliation and support.

Since the existence of challenge coins they are being used for many purposes in various private and public organizations. They are used for various purposes from employee appreciation to membership and registration etc. In the US army, use of challenge coin is imminent, as they are the emblem of a soldiers’ belonging to their branch and designation. In this article we are especially concerned about challenge coins for sports teams, like who used them, how and what their purpose is for using these challenge coins. Let’s look into it in detail below:

Which sports team uses challenge coins?

Sports Challenge Coins

Sports Custom Coins

Currently challenge coins are used in almost every sports. You may talk about baseball, softball, hockey, gun shooting, football, basketball, athletics etc. Every team uses their own special type and style of sports challenge coin. These coins built team spirits among the members. Every player wearing sports challenge coin feels a special affiliation with his team and their ultimate goal i.e. winning. Sports challenge coins are not limited to national and international sports teams. They can be worn by other sports teams at school, association, club, city etc. Because sports challenge coins are available in custom design and styling, so anyone could get their own custom style as per liking.

What purpose a challenge coin can serve?

Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Sports challenge coins can serve various important purposes for a sports team and its management. First of all it can serve the purpose of team spirit among the members. They feel themselves belonged and united. Other than the sports team itself these sports challenge coins help bring support for the team from spectators, who wears challenge coins to support their teams. Another important purpose a challenge coin can serve is increased participation from the public i.e. if each participant of the sports event is awarded with some gift then he would love to come himself as well as would bring others in the event. So what better gift could be for the audience other than sports challenge coin, which is cheap, durable, memorable and attractive?

Who wears these challenge coins?

Custom Sports Coins

Sports Coins

Among the wearer of these sports challenge coins could be the sports team members, managers and the supporters in audience. Moreover, winner of the events also gets their special sports challenge coins like there are sports challenge coins for man of the match, best player, winning captain, losing captain and the winning team etc. Sports Challenge coin is special for every sports team, its managers and the audience. As it is famous that a team does not play alone and wins; it’s a mutual effort of the team and support of its audience. So we can simply conclude that every wearer of a sports challenge coin either in the sports team or audience is indeed a part of the team.