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What Are Challenge Coins, Types and Purposes

Challenge Coins-ArtworkThis is the small coins use by the US military for their organization members. This is the tradition of the US military members to carry these special coins for symbolizing the unit identification. For the American Military Coins are the part of military life today and these are reserved for every troop branch service. Basically now a days these coins are carried by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines and also these are carried by firefighters and law men. With the help of these coins the person can be identified as the particular member unit and also can be seen for their targets and for their past history. And also when these are together then they challenge their colleagues by their coins. These coins are also given to the group as you can say that this is slammed on the members to challenge for the other groups and the last one have to pay the penalty. This tradition was established in the world war II when the forces of the America were securing the nation’s freedom. These coins were popular during the Vietnam War, and these were for the unique identification and also for the strong bond. Now a day this has very much greater importance in the American army at every level of command. These are also used as spot awards by the commanders. In the American army their leaders gave some part of their coins to the civilian VIPs. There is an important thing is that these challenge coins should have carried by the person of the army all the time and these coins are checked by army officers because this the duty. There are two types of the challenge coins :

1. Hard Enamel

2. Soft Enamel

In the hard enamel,  this is the process of Chinese lapel pins which use hard baked enamels for their smooth finish. While the soft enamel leaves the coins with textured surface and on the raised area is the design of the stamp  and on the raised area colors are filled. And also these are unfinished. These coins are used as the reward for the army member for their outstanding performance. As it shows that this is given to the army members for high their morale. These tradition coins were also given to the officers when those are retired from their designation as this is the tradition and also you can say that it’s also the worth of recognition.

There is one important Challenge Coin in the United State Air force which is “Bull Dog” called challenge coin 2. And is exclusively to B-52 enlisted tail gunners. These challenge coins are awarded to that person who graduates from air force training and those who are going to enter in the “Gunners Association ”. The coin is a presentation of strength. This coin is also given to the those army officers or commanders who portrayed the spirit of bull dog are called “Honorary Gunners”. There is another organization which use the challenge coins for their members is “National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club” (NABSTMC).

Military Challenge Coins Manufacturing Details

As compared to other awarding items, military Challenge Coins come in mush less price. This is one of the biggest success factors. That’s why the use of military challenge coins is increasing. That’s not reducing because military challenge coins are the wonderful product which tells the audience the whole story in a few words. They are very much self-explanatory in nature. The slogan, picture, name or anything printed on military challenge coins can easily tell about the organization.

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The round shape is the most used and popular shape of military challenge coins. However, there are many other possible shapes of military challenge coins. Each variation in the design creates another military challenge coin. Three galleries of the sites with the huge collection give major ideas how your military challenge coins should appear. You just need to select one and order.

There are two major processes through which almost all military challenge coins are produced. One method is die struck, and the other is zinc-alloy. Zinc-alloy is even cheaper than the die struck. This is one advantage associated with this procedure of manufacturing. When comparing the quality of the end product of both procedures, die struck wins. But, zinc alloy is also good quality product. When you wear it as pocket coin, the printed surface of the coins starts defacing. The base metal appears visible, and the paints fade. So, die struck bronze or diet struck brass is relatively a little expensive, but the quality of the end product is excellent.

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Marine Coins

Military challenge coins are made with two prime manufacturing procedures. There are many companies worldwide which produces them. Most of the companies are owned by retired or current military personnel. They produce military challenge coins through hard enamel and soft enamel procedures. In hard enamel, each coin is prepared with hard baked enamel. It makes the coin with smooth finish. This procedure is just like old Chinese style to produce lapel pins But, there is also another most commonly use procedure which is called soft enamel. These kind of coins have textured surface. IN this manufacturing process, metal stamping is used in print design. The design becomes visible through metal raised areas. The rest is filled with enamel colors.

The main variation of the two processes lies in the finishing technique. In the polishing process, each metal raised area is made smooth to reach at the level of enamel color fill. Most military challenge coins manufacturing companies give a choice to have 7 colors for free. When you order your military challenge coins, you can get them within 48 hours or so.

The tradition of wearing events with military challenge coins is becoming popular. They are produced by many manufacturing companies on every important event. People buy them from the coin producing companies and make their own collection. Today, it is becoming more like jewelry. People wear them on different occasions to show that they actively participate in every case.

Secret Behind To Success of Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

At the very start when Military Challenge Coins were introduced, they were just an ordinary part of the uniform. Later, when a soldier succeeded in escaping from the enemy’s place to his motherland, they become very popular. At the start, they were only used by the military. The military had its own norms and values of carrying military challenge coins.

All of them made sure that a particular soldier is wearing his military challenge coins by a special game which was a part of the military life. The game is still alive and has also expanded outside military. In the game one soldier asks the other to produce the coin. If the military challenge coins are present with the other soldier, he wins. Otherwise he loses and the challenger wins. This game is still a fun part of military and many other organizations. However, different organizations have set their own rules because they can’t follow the much disciplined life of the military. The rules are as it is in the military as they used to be.

This is the reason of success of military challenge coins. It develops a sense of responsibility in every person. It teaches the discipline. It also boosts the moral of the wearer because he feels he is a part of some big cause. And mostly military challenge coins have their own fascinations because they are related to the military life which everyone dreams of.

There is also another rule in military about military challenge coins. Soldiers cannot make modifications in the appearance of the coin. They cannot make holes into the coin to hang it. They cannot wear them in a way that their military challenge coins may deface. Actually defacing coins means it cannot be called a military challenge coin in the future. Defacing is strictly prohibited. Military challenge coins cannot be hung with belt buckles. It is also prohibited to make key chains of military challenge coins. These things may ruin them. Any coin which has defaced will no longer be known as military challenge coin.

In the history, pilots used to wear the military challenge coins by keeping them in a pouch around the neck. Pewter is the simplest way of military challenge coins finish. The other finishes for military challenge coins reaches for gold plated military challenge coins too.

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Military Challenge Coins have their own finishes so they are available in a few metals like brass, copper, bronze, nickel, etc. With gold or silver plating to make them unique, special and specific. These military challenge coins are available in many shapes like round, oval, multifaceted, rectangle, star, etc. In fact, military challenge coins can take any shape of customer’s choice. Although, the manufacturing companies keep their own collections which people can choose from, but the customer can give his own unique ideas to manufacture their personalized military challenge coins.

Military challenge coins are very cost effective item which people today gift to each other. The trend of collecting military challenge coins is also getting strength.