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Show School Spirit with Custom Challenge Coins

Scholastic institutions use a variety of ways to promote themselves. Traditional and popular methods have been to use clothing, coffee mugs, and pens with a logo of the respective school. Custom challenge coins are the newest marketing idea to arrive on the scene. Creating your own custom challenge coin is perfect for promoting your institution and offers a unique idea of marketing that pens, clothing and mugs fail to achieve. If you are an academic professional such as a teacher, professional, or administrator, look no further.

Give them something to remember and talk about

Challenge Coins For All

Coins Making

Challenge coins originally started out in the military as a way to honor soldiers and were rewarded when certain tasks and missions were carried out and successfully completed. Challenge coins are the perfect gift to hand out to athletes after winning a major game, boosting morale. It is definitely something that athletes can look back to and remember when they look at  their awarded challenge coin as it sits next to a newly won trophy. Custom challenge coins fully customizable and are easy to create.  They can be created in various shapes and sizes and can use a plethora of colors. Both sides of the coin can be minted as well.

We have had the pleasure of creating a custom medallion challenge coin for Colgate University’s graduation ceremony for their students. Looking at the picture, we can see a loop up top, for the ribbon to go through for the medallion portions. The medallion challenge coin also has a dark looking antique finish which is a very popular option. On the front side we see the prestigious Colgate University logo, in the back displaying a custom message.


The Colgate University graduation medallion challenge coin is the ideal example of what happens when the perfect artistic ideas join in harmony to create a design that is appealing. There are no limits to the imagination. Whether one color is used, or none. Whether the coin is to be shaped like a football, or shaped into the figure of a lion. There truly is a multitude of ways to personalize your challenge coin. The sky is the limit !


Custom minted challenge coins serve as memorable thank you gift to everyone from students to teachers and staff. Custom challenge coins help foster recognition, achievement, and boost morale. They are also a fantastic way to thank corporate sponsors for their donations and funding.

Call Now !

We at MAX Challenge can assist you in creating a unique memorable product. Call one of our friendly consultants today to see how you can create your own custom challenge coin with ease ! We offer free artwork and free revisions to make sure that we perfect the design that you are looking to achieve.

Call us at our toll-free number at 1.800.224.0599 or email your ideas at sales@maxchallengecoins.com

Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins: Helpful Hints

When it comes to ordering your custom challenge coins, the various options and restrictions can be confusing or overwhelming. From edge cuts two epoxy coats of metal finish, the decisions seem endless, and getting your artwork just right may seem impossible. Here are some tips to help the ordering process go more smoothly.


Most likely you will be submitting your own artwork or ideas to be made into a coin. It may be a company logo, a mascot symbol that represents your squadron, a Maltese cross to represent your firehouse, or anything else related to your coin. The possibilities are endless. However, for our graphic artists, using clear, high quality images work the best. Vector artwork is the most desirable, but not everyone has access to a vector program, and that’s alright. Our graphic art staff can take care of that. High resolution images work well, especially 300dpi image files. As long as the details are easy to see, the graphic artists can recreate your artwork onto a challenge coin!

Offset Printing

Offset Printing Challenge Coins


When you want a photo or special logo without it being lined into metal, your best option is having it offset printed onto your challenge coin. For the best outcome, we suggest your image be at 300 dpi. Offset printed coins will have a protective epoxy dome to preserve them.



Most challenge coins have a raised area and a recessed area. When a coin has an area that is sculpted, or has multiple layers of raised areas, it is referred to as 3D. Creating a proof of the design for 3D coins can take longer than a typical coin depending on the level of detail. High resolution artwork can help with the process, but ultimately is comes down to the amount of detail desired. Remember to account for extra time needed when you order 3D artwork for your challenge coin.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers make a great keepsake for anyone, from military friends to wedding guests. Please note, however, that size can be a limiting factor. Because of the opening, bottle openers work best at 2”-2.25” for both round and rectangle styles. Take into consideration as well that the space for artwork is smaller to account for the bottle opening as well. Bottle openers with a side opening have a little more space for more detailed artwork, but still have limitations to their size. Don’t let these restrictions intimidate you. We’ll happily work with you to get the best quality custom bottle openers.

If you still have lingering questions, need clarification, or are ready to start your order, feel free to contact us and get started on your custom challenge coins.


Coins And Santa All The Way

Winter sets in with its wings of snow all over but with lots of clothes and over coats people feel cozy and run about in the snow clad streets from mall to mall, shopping for them to celebrate Christmas. Whenever the winter season sets in the people who own any kind of business that they want to earn well over the Christmas Season start promoting their products before the Christmas shopping starts.

Most of the people who want to promote their products set up sales that are usually known as the pre-fall sales or start of season sales that they put up on some of the new stocks and all of last years stock. However there has to be some way to promote these sales and the best way is to give out Christmas Challenge Coins.

All those people who know challenge coins as a part of the military career or now a tool of advertising would definitely be surprised at the number of services it is offering now:

  • Military Coins for Christmas

Now these kinds of Christmas challenge coins are not just for the military officers rather they can either be sent by the family of the officers on deputation to them or they can be sent by the officers to their families. However these coins are specially made in the form of different army logos which include the different weapons including:

  • Tanks
  • Submarines
  • Ships
  • Fighter jets
  • Super guns

All sorts of logos mounted in metal and painted well with Santa on one side to wish a merry Christmas to their loved ones. It is the best way to wish all those who are away from you to make them feel special and wanted and missed. It is also a good way to express your feelings and with the special Christmas challenge coins the soldiers can remember the dull Christmas they had away from their families.

  • Business Christmas challenge coins

Now this is the best way to give out Christmas challenge coins for all your valuable customers. There are several people who just save the whole year round to buy their Christmas outfits from their favorite stores and in return if the store can give them a Christmas challenge coin with the logo of their brand on one side and a Santa on a sleigh on the other with a bonus of 20% off on their purchase from the same branch the next Christmas it would be a very honorable thing. This would also increase the number of clients. Similarly if such coins are given out before the Christmas season it would help the people to remember the name of the brand and they would definitely go around to buying stuff from the name of it.

  • Personal gifts as Christmas Challenge coins

It’s an excellent idea to have Christmas Challenge Coins attached to your Christmas tree and also to give them out to all your pals. It’s a good idea to have all such people on the list when you are getting your special Christmas challenge coins minted so that they would remember the special Christmas when they were gifted something special and along with it a challenge coin and the coin would be there with the year of that special Christmas to make things special for all those people who think that Christmas is there because of their friends and family and all that they get from them as gifts on the special occasion.

Awarding Coins To Different People

Custom Award CoinsThere are several people in every sector that work for the good will of any country and it is a good thing to Award Challenge Coins to them for the hard work they do by the senior officials of their department and even better if the step is taken by the government. There are several awards that are given away by the government in special ceremonies that are organized every year and the awards are presented by the head of the state to all those people who deserve these coins. The special Award coins are made up of very precious metals which include:

a)      Silver

b)      Gold

c)      Platinum

d)     Diamond studded

Yes and these are yet several new styles that are coming up every year. The diamond studded coins are those that have diamonds embedded in the metal in such a way that they look exquisite. Most people who know the importance about getting these award coins for their company should boost their workers throughout the year by giving them examples of all those people who won the award coins the previous year. It is important for them to set goals so that they can be a part of the award winners. They should make it very clear to all their workers that award coins are not only for military and soldiers but for civilians as well. And it is not necessary that the civilians have to show special acts of bravery only for which they would be given award coin but also for their hard work and special targets that they would help their company to achieve which would benefit the country in many ways would also help them in getting award coins.

Special award coins with a special look:

Award Challenge CoinsThere is no need now to get special award coins minted at very high prices. Challenge Coins have become so common that getting award coins minted in expensive metals is just as easy to just pay the price of the metal and get the design minted in your favorite style as best as you can.

  • a size 1.5” coin: such kind of coin is normal in size and not too large how ever it would cost less for the sake of gold used in it if the coin is to be made in gold. How ever it is not that big and would hold very less space to get too much crafted on it.
  • 2” coin: it is a nice coin that is bigger in size and has quite a lot of space to get a special logo and a nice quote crafted on it to make it look extra special and a good reminder as well.
  • 4” coin: this is supposed to be the largest award coin around and it is used only to display in offices, etc because it is too big in size to be carried about in the pocket. On the other hand this is the kind of award coin any one would dream of getting presented from the head of the state for their special efforts.

It is a good gesture to raise the morale of different people by presenting them special award coins and by taking this kind of incentive the government or the leaders of any industry show that they take keen interest in the hard work that their workers do and they know that it is their hard work which is bearing them fruit.

How to Get People to Notice Your Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are very popular these days. Different marketing and advertising teams are using the coins as a big tool for publicity of any product or franchise. All those people who are a part of the minting teams know which kind of coins look better than the others. The expensive kind of challenge coins are definitely more attractive but to keep the cost under the budget and also to make the coin look attractive it is very important to see to it that more and more people take a look at the sample design first and then make a final decision. It is very important to make sure that people from all over  the world can understand what your coins says even if they are unable to read it due to language issues.

These days the coins are being minted in several dimensions. The 2-D, 3-D and multidimensional coins are a part of the new type of coins. The coins are however quite important for the people who are advertising a product.

Here are a few things that might help people in noticing your challenge coins:

  1. Add in a few flashy colors
  2. Try a different shape a 3 dimensional coin attracts people better as the whole logo on the coin seems to be jutting out of it
  3. Try a plain coin with a shiny same color on both the sides
  4. Give it out for free with a small chocolate or other such items
  5. Give a free sample of the product on showing the coin
  6. Give out a few percent discounts on showing the coin

Challenge Coins can be noticed by all those who have interested in the particular thing the coins are advertising about. The best way to market anything is do a pre launch advertisement. This can be done by putting up signs about the launch of a product so that curiosity arises in the people along with the signs add a small coin at the bottom that indicates that it would have all the details about the launch and the product. Next launch the challenge coins. These coins would be in demand by all those who are inquisitive about the thing and they would then wait. If the coin has some sort of an offer of getting a discount on the product by showing it then it would definitely be kept with a lot of care.

How to Choose Ribbon Colors for Challenge Coins?

Different types of challenge coins to express the feelings for a brave act or a special occasion for any one are given. These special challenge coins hold a very important place in the life of those who are awarded the coins. The coins are given for different purposes by different departments and organizations. The ribbons used to hold the coin and place it around the neck show the importance and the different colors depict what the coin is for. The different colors show the different feelings which include:

  1. Mourning
  2. Hope
  3. Cancer
  4. Organ donor
  5. Abuse
  6. AIDS
  7. Brave
  8. Pride

And several other feelings which are clearly depicted through the different colors so that all those present in the ceremony that gives out the coins get to know what the coin depicts for the other person.

The Red color of the ribbon shows that the ribbon is for any kind of disease including AIDS, heart disease, etc. When put through a challenge coin it stands for the love of the organization for their officer/worker. The orange color ribbon is specially given out to the brave Highway and Road worker who may have lost his life or suffered an accident. The color depicts the love and respect for the hard worker.

Yellow colored ribbons show the support to the troops who work hard on the borders. They are awarded the ribbons to show the appreciation and love of the public for their extra ordinary efforts of staying away from their loved ones to protect the borders of their country.

Green color ribbons when tied around a challenge coin shows the appreciation that an organization has for a person who has been fighting a severe disease that needs big transplants.

The black colored ribbon is for the mourning color and tied around the coin of those who have lost their lives in some act of bravery saving lives of many. With black there are other colors also attached to show that the one who has lost his life holds a high place in the hearts of the others.

Almost every color stands for something or the other and one should check out the importance of the color before attaching it to a challenge coin as many ribbons are just for different illnesses and supporting against the cause of them.