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What Makes A Custom Challenge Coin Really Customized?

Historic Military CoinsIn the history, first challenge coins were used to show specific persons are members of a specific organization. It was US Airforce who first used these coins. The need arose when a lot of people enrolled as volunteer Air Force pilots. They wanted to serve the military. They were issued these coins. They always wore those coins.

The popularity increased, and each department of military issued their custom coins. They had their own designs and appearances about their coins. The popularity started to increase very soon. It is still known as one of the best awards in today’s lifestyle. This is because they are low cost and strong in use. They are made of metal, so they do not wear out easily. They even last for a lifetime. They are not only used for awarding somebody, they are also used as a motivating, membership, and a promotional tool.

Police-Departments-and-Sheriff’s-Challenge-CoinsThese coins are customized according to their colors, metals, design, manufacturing process, shape, etc. All such things altogether make a huge variety. When somebody wants to select one coin for a particular purpose, it is not only fun process. But, the final custom challenge coin should appear according to the organization it is manufactured for. If it is built for the Army, its color, design, text, slogan, etc. should complement Army. The appearance should explain on its own the real purpose of coin creation.

This is the reason special designers design them. This is not the task of any designer. They are special designers who know how to bring out a coin with specifications provided. Usually, the resulting coins are beyond the expectations of the customer.