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Police Officers Honor Model Citizens

Challenge coins have had a history dating back to World War I. They were used to inspire confidence, bring about cohesion and boost morale within a group. Traditionally they have been awarded to military personnel, as well as policemen and firefighters for completing objectives. Now, police offers think of a fantastic way to award model citizens of their bravery and going above and beyond their roles as citizens.

These special challenge coins are given out by police officers only to those that go above and beyond their civic duties. Citizens are given the challenge coin in a special presentation case at annual award banquets. The recipients include those who have helped identify criminals, aided the capture of wanted felons, and have reported crimes as they have occurred, as well as returning lost valuables.

Defence Challenge Coins

Police Challeng Coins

It is important to note that these special issued police challenge coins are not handed out to just anyone. To keep their value special, they are only given in certain circumstances who deserve them. Not only do the issuing police officers enjoy giving out the special police challenge coins, but citizens enjoy receiving them as well, valuing their award. If you are a police department looking to award not only citizens, but your fellow police officers, look no further ! MAX Challenge Coins can help you fully customize the type of custom challenge coin you are looking for !

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