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Create Your Award Challenge Coins With Free Artwork

Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Made Coins

It is not that difficult to create challenge coins these days. All those people who think that they cannot find coins on anything should refer to the different companies that mint coins and they can show them the designs and other things related to the minting of coins. Most of the coins are designed newly as the designs are usually copyrighted and cannot be used without permission. However the idea about the designs of the coins can be taken from the log book of the different designs already minted by a mint.

Challenge Coins are actually the best way to represent any company of any state; may it be Military unit, Police and Fire departments, Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Business Associations, Retirements, Church Groups, Fundraising, Weddings, Scout Troops, etc. Create challenge coins for any purpose without any hassle or any kind of heavy budget.

Several mints are functioning for the minting of different coins and it is necessary for people all over the world to get all what they want in their coins. The color combination, the shape, the size, the metal, everything is according to the use and purpose of the different clients.

The following steps are followed to create challenge coins:

a)    The heads of different departments decide what they need to create challenge coins for their department or club, school, etc.

b)    The design is finalized on paper first and then sent to the different mints for a quotation.

c)    The mint that is finalized then tells them the details of their design if it would be as good in metal as it is on paper. The necessary changes are made accordingly.

d)    The price is finalized according to the number of coins needed by the minter. The key to getting a lower price per piece is to get the maximum number of coins minted in one design.

e)    The shape of the coin should be counter checked so that no issues arise after minting especially if it is not the regular round shape.

f)    To create challenge coins the most important thing is the border of the coin which is in different designs and very important for the betterment of the final look of it.

g)    The packing and presentation of each coin is complimented by the mints and if the client needs something exceptional; that should also be discussed properly.

Custom Made Coins

To create challenge coins for the special forces of any country, any mint cannot be chosen. Each force usually has their own special mint or a mint that makes coins for all the government agencies does the process. These mints are aware of the importance and the level of what the different forces demand is and they work accordingly. They do not have any issues with the price and what is important is that the coins to be minted properly.

To create challenge coins for special occasions it should be seen that coins have special logos, dates, photographs, prayer or anything that is a part of the military tradition or any other purpose they are being used for. The coins should have such words on them that can raise the morale of the officers, students, players, etc whenever they see their challenge coin. To create challenge coins may not be that difficult but to create such coins that leave a lasting effect on the owners is what actually matters.


The custom challenge coins are minted in several different materials which include expensive metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. It is very important for these coin owners keep them safely and enjoy the appreciation of others for owning such beautiful collection of coins that have been awarded them for their acts of bravery at different occasions. The expensive material coins are definitely not used for advertisement of any product.

Many people are crazy about collecting different kinds of coins. Most of the coins are a part of the different historic periods which remind of different cultures. Many achievements and historical things are depicted on the coins. Most of the coins relay the achievements and heroism of many people.

It is very important to keep the custom challenge coins in a safe environment. Most of the custom coins are kept in albums that are specially made in coins. The special albums help in keeping the coins in such a way that both their sides can be seen without having to take them out of the album all the time. This helps in saving the coins from being scratched, rusted or ruining their surface. All those people who have a way of saving their precious coins collect all kinds of special albums that are made of the coins and then they keep the albums in special boxes to maintain their preciousness. These albums are flimsy sheets of paper that have clear pockets on both sides. This way the coins can be easily viewed from the front and back without having to take them out of the pocket.

The challenge coins have been a part of the history of the world since the World War I. Most of the people who love to collect coins know about the history of these coins. These coins were used by the officers to challenge each other after the First World War at the bars.

An officer challenged the other to produce custom challenge coins or a single coin from his pocket or he would have to buy a round of drinks for all, in case he could show a coin then the challenger would have to buy the round of drinks for all.

These coins proved to be an identification mark during the World War II. Most of the officers who lost their way and came upon the border showed the custom challenge coins to prove their identity as the officers on the border could not prove by looking at them if they belonged to their country or not.

The coins were kept in a soft leather pouch that was worn around the neck for safety and these coins were to be kept by the officers at all times so that they could serve the purpose whenever needed. The custom challenge coins could not be spoiled in any way by trying to alter the shape or boring a hole in it to tie it around the neck. They had to be kept in their original form at all times because they lost their importance if they were altered.


The first thing to know about the custom challenge coins is that they are a symbol that shows the organization they belong to. It is very important for one to know what this kind of coin actually is. The reason is that a normal citizen is just aware of the money coins. Several such coins are also used as identifying coins to prove that the person wearing or carrying the custom challenge coin is a part of the organization. The custom challenge coin started its journey from the First World War when the voluntary fighter pilots were given the coins by their batch mates as a token of fraternity. Later this coin saved the life of a pilot who was thought to be one of the enemy pilots of the US soldiers.

Due to the positive effect of the coin as a life saving part of a soldier’s uniform it became an essential part with all the military forces. The coins are still an important part of the military uniform and they are to be carried by the armed forces on and off duty; all the times.

However the people of the armed forces are not the only one who is using the coins because they are being used for several purposes now. One organization can have more than one kind of coins symbolizing the different branches or products by their company. They are available in several different colors and sizes and any design according to the organization can be minted for the owners on demand. It takes merely a fortnight to mint a pack of coins and send them forward to the client.

Custom Challenge Coins

Original Source of Challenge Coins

The custom challenge coins are the best tool used for advertising today. Any company can market its product by giving out free coins that advertise for the different products they want to introduce to the public. When minting of coins for advertising is to be done then a lot of people need to see to the fact that the money that is being spent on the minting is easy to be afforded at the start of a new business or not.

Most of the people of whom order custom challenge coins for their business require a few things:

  1. Less price
  2. Good quality
  3. Free samples
  4. Fine metal
  5. Designed according to the clients order
  6. Quick delivery of the order
  7. Value of the coin according to its price only

The custom challenge coins are a good way to keep history in hand and go back into any period by just looking at the custom challenge coins. Coins have been depicting the history of every period since hundreds of years;

  • Ancient Greeks
  • The Romans
  • The British Empire
  • The California Gold Rush
  • US coins

So the coins don’t just depict history and act as a savior for the military officers but they also serve for several other purposes as well out of which the most important is that it depicts history which holds a lot of value.