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Origin of Defense Challenge Coins

When an objective or theme is associated with a tiny object, it becomes precious for all specially for the person who keeps it. People use coins for currency purpose, hobby, task, membership, identification and rewards etc. A challenge coin is simply a piece of designing metal to be used for, as discussed, multiple purposes. Here we will have a look on the brief history of the Challenge Coins, evolution, trends, marketing and objectives linked with such kind of small coins.


Defence Challenge Coins

History exposes that in the World War1 (1914-1918), when Allied forces were in front of the Germany, a well to do U.S. Military officer asked all the pilots of the Air Force to keep a membership token in the shape of a gold plated bronze coin. One of the pilots of the U.S. The military took his coin and folded it in a leather pouch.

The pilot had been shot down by the Germans. He was arrested by the enemy. As a result, the rival snatched everything he possessed. Luckily, the coin was overlooked by the German soldiers as it was around his neck folded in leather. During the prison, the pilot deceived the security officers and got through from the prison.  He rushed towards the boundary line where a French Officer stopped him for verifications. The pilot proved his identification by showing that bronze coin with unit membership numbers. That happened because he had disguised himself as civilian to avoid re arrest. The French officer lets him pass the security border so a simple coin saved his life. That was the beginning when U.S military authorities mad it compulsory for every soldier of all the departments of the armed forces to keep that kind of coins for identification.

Moreover, the trend developed towards some other initiatives taken by the armed forces. Other departments of the army like Navy, Marine, special agencies had started using these coins as badges, medals and medallion, So at the end of the year or at the completion of a task or on the occasion of some national day, forces rewarded their best performers through these challenge coins. The small coin, when, is given as a reward, it means a lot to the person who keeps it.

Huge demands of the armed forces of all over the world, guided this trend to a well-established industry in the business area. The manufacturers belong to the different parts of the map. Coins of various colors, shapes, metals and qualities are being made as per the demand and specifications of the armed forces. We could see a variety of challenge coins in Marine forces of all over the world in the shape of medals, badges and as parts of their uniforms.

Apart from the armed forces, different academic and sports institutions use these challenge coins with their insignia. These coins are durable and easy to carry for a long time.

In 1995, challenge coin making company named CCC has been established which specialized in coins for the forces. Different departments of the army get their required coins in huge quantity as per their specifications and requirements.

If we conclude the discussion, these challenge coins have gained an immortal popularity not only with the forces but also in other organizations. That`s why coin making industry is growing day by day.

Police Officers Honor Model Citizens

Challenge coins have had a history dating back to World War I. They were used to inspire confidence, bring about cohesion and boost morale within a group. Traditionally they have been awarded to military personnel, as well as policemen and firefighters for completing objectives. Now, police offers think of a fantastic way to award model citizens of their bravery and going above and beyond their roles as citizens.

These special challenge coins are given out by police officers only to those that go above and beyond their civic duties. Citizens are given the challenge coin in a special presentation case at annual award banquets. The recipients include those who have helped identify criminals, aided the capture of wanted felons, and have reported crimes as they have occurred, as well as returning lost valuables.

Defence Challenge Coins

Police Challeng Coins

It is important to note that these special issued police challenge coins are not handed out to just anyone. To keep their value special, they are only given in certain circumstances who deserve them. Not only do the issuing police officers enjoy giving out the special police challenge coins, but citizens enjoy receiving them as well, valuing their award. If you are a police department looking to award not only citizens, but your fellow police officers, look no further ! MAX Challenge Coins can help you fully customize the type of custom challenge coin you are looking for !

Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices qualify for a 10% discount ! Call us toll-free at 1.800.224.0599 or email us at : sales@maxchallengecoins.com

Challenge Coins Are Given as Reward for Martyrdom

To die for the sake of the nation is the noblest act of the human being especially of a soldier. Obviously, the soldiers get commissioned in the armed forces to protect his/her country from the enemy. From the first day he joins, he has been motivated to offer his life for his soul and he does so.

Challenge Coins Collection

Coins Maker

To salute the fighters, forces have arranged to reward them not only in their lives but also after they die performing an immortal bravery effort. Different kinds of awards are presented in all the units of the armed forces all over the world.

One common practice which is exercised almost round the globe is the use of Challenge Coins as rewards. Various, types, colors, designs, and shapes challenge coins are produced by the coin manufacturing units as per the specifications of the troops.

The history of these challenge coins is also associated with the armed forces as well. So this is traditionally correct that challenge coins are initially used as medals and medallions by U.S. forces.

If we have a glimpse of the World War1 (1912-1918), will get the right information about the beginning of the challenge coins. An Allied Force officer had approved a law for all the pilots to have a gold plated bronze coin with them. One of the pilots folded that coin in a leather pouch and put it around his neck.

Unfortunately, the same pilot had been shot down by the Germans. They arrested him and took each and every possession away he kept with him. The particular coin was overlooked by the enemy. By some tactics, the pilot managed to escape from the prison and reached the boundary line. He disguised himself as common civilian. One French security officer of the Allied Forces stopped the pilot and asked him to prove his identity. The air force officer showed his coin which was the proof of his unit membership. The French security officer recognized the coin and let him get through the security barrier. After that incident, all the soldiers were advised to keep that particular coin as an identification of his/her unit.

Moreover, huge demand of different kinds of the coins had been seen from the forces. As a result an industry of coin manufacturing cane into existence. Growing demands from all over the world of variety of coins, led that industry flourish within a short span of time. Initially coin manufacturing units were established in U.S; but within 2 decades, the industry spread out throughout the world. In 1995, CCC, a Challenge Coin Company has been established. And it had become a multimillion-dollar business these days.

Challenge Coins as a reward for martyrdom, in my opinion is the best use of them. A family who receives that reward possesses it with pride and faith without shedding a single tear after accepting the reality that they could not be able to see their beloved ones who have presented their lives for the sake of a Nobel task and became immortal.

Show School Spirit with Custom Challenge Coins

Scholastic institutions use a variety of ways to promote themselves. Traditional and popular methods have been to use clothing, coffee mugs, and pens with a logo of the respective school. Custom challenge coins are the newest marketing idea to arrive on the scene. Creating your own custom challenge coin is perfect for promoting your institution and offers a unique idea of marketing that pens, clothing and mugs fail to achieve. If you are an academic professional such as a teacher, professional, or administrator, look no further.

Give them something to remember and talk about

Challenge Coins For All

Coins Making

Challenge coins originally started out in the military as a way to honor soldiers and were rewarded when certain tasks and missions were carried out and successfully completed. Challenge coins are the perfect gift to hand out to athletes after winning a major game, boosting morale. It is definitely something that athletes can look back to and remember when they look at  their awarded challenge coin as it sits next to a newly won trophy. Custom challenge coins fully customizable and are easy to create.  They can be created in various shapes and sizes and can use a plethora of colors. Both sides of the coin can be minted as well.

We have had the pleasure of creating a custom medallion challenge coin for Colgate University’s graduation ceremony for their students. Looking at the picture, we can see a loop up top, for the ribbon to go through for the medallion portions. The medallion challenge coin also has a dark looking antique finish which is a very popular option. On the front side we see the prestigious Colgate University logo, in the back displaying a custom message.


The Colgate University graduation medallion challenge coin is the ideal example of what happens when the perfect artistic ideas join in harmony to create a design that is appealing. There are no limits to the imagination. Whether one color is used, or none. Whether the coin is to be shaped like a football, or shaped into the figure of a lion. There truly is a multitude of ways to personalize your challenge coin. The sky is the limit !


Custom minted challenge coins serve as memorable thank you gift to everyone from students to teachers and staff. Custom challenge coins help foster recognition, achievement, and boost morale. They are also a fantastic way to thank corporate sponsors for their donations and funding.

Call Now !

We at MAX Challenge can assist you in creating a unique memorable product. Call one of our friendly consultants today to see how you can create your own custom challenge coin with ease ! We offer free artwork and free revisions to make sure that we perfect the design that you are looking to achieve.

Call us at our toll-free number at 1.800.224.0599 or email your ideas at sales@maxchallengecoins.com

Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins: Helpful Hints

When it comes to ordering your custom challenge coins, the various options and restrictions can be confusing or overwhelming. From edge cuts two epoxy coats of metal finish, the decisions seem endless, and getting your artwork just right may seem impossible. Here are some tips to help the ordering process go more smoothly.


Most likely you will be submitting your own artwork or ideas to be made into a coin. It may be a company logo, a mascot symbol that represents your squadron, a Maltese cross to represent your firehouse, or anything else related to your coin. The possibilities are endless. However, for our graphic artists, using clear, high quality images work the best. Vector artwork is the most desirable, but not everyone has access to a vector program, and that’s alright. Our graphic art staff can take care of that. High resolution images work well, especially 300dpi image files. As long as the details are easy to see, the graphic artists can recreate your artwork onto a challenge coin!

Offset Printing

Offset Printing Challenge Coins


When you want a photo or special logo without it being lined into metal, your best option is having it offset printed onto your challenge coin. For the best outcome, we suggest your image be at 300 dpi. Offset printed coins will have a protective epoxy dome to preserve them.



Most challenge coins have a raised area and a recessed area. When a coin has an area that is sculpted, or has multiple layers of raised areas, it is referred to as 3D. Creating a proof of the design for 3D coins can take longer than a typical coin depending on the level of detail. High resolution artwork can help with the process, but ultimately is comes down to the amount of detail desired. Remember to account for extra time needed when you order 3D artwork for your challenge coin.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers make a great keepsake for anyone, from military friends to wedding guests. Please note, however, that size can be a limiting factor. Because of the opening, bottle openers work best at 2”-2.25” for both round and rectangle styles. Take into consideration as well that the space for artwork is smaller to account for the bottle opening as well. Bottle openers with a side opening have a little more space for more detailed artwork, but still have limitations to their size. Don’t let these restrictions intimidate you. We’ll happily work with you to get the best quality custom bottle openers.

If you still have lingering questions, need clarification, or are ready to start your order, feel free to contact us and get started on your custom challenge coins.


Coins And Santa All The Way

Winter sets in with its wings of snow all over but with lots of clothes and over coats people feel cozy and run about in the snow clad streets from mall to mall, shopping for them to celebrate Christmas. Whenever the winter season sets in the people who own any kind of business that they want to earn well over the Christmas Season start promoting their products before the Christmas shopping starts.

Most of the people who want to promote their products set up sales that are usually known as the pre-fall sales or start of season sales that they put up on some of the new stocks and all of last years stock. However there has to be some way to promote these sales and the best way is to give out Christmas Challenge Coins.

All those people who know challenge coins as a part of the military career or now a tool of advertising would definitely be surprised at the number of services it is offering now:

  • Military Coins for Christmas

Now these kinds of Christmas challenge coins are not just for the military officers rather they can either be sent by the family of the officers on deputation to them or they can be sent by the officers to their families. However these coins are specially made in the form of different army logos which include the different weapons including:

  • Tanks
  • Submarines
  • Ships
  • Fighter jets
  • Super guns

All sorts of logos mounted in metal and painted well with Santa on one side to wish a merry Christmas to their loved ones. It is the best way to wish all those who are away from you to make them feel special and wanted and missed. It is also a good way to express your feelings and with the special Christmas challenge coins the soldiers can remember the dull Christmas they had away from their families.

  • Business Christmas challenge coins

Now this is the best way to give out Christmas challenge coins for all your valuable customers. There are several people who just save the whole year round to buy their Christmas outfits from their favorite stores and in return if the store can give them a Christmas challenge coin with the logo of their brand on one side and a Santa on a sleigh on the other with a bonus of 20% off on their purchase from the same branch the next Christmas it would be a very honorable thing. This would also increase the number of clients. Similarly if such coins are given out before the Christmas season it would help the people to remember the name of the brand and they would definitely go around to buying stuff from the name of it.

  • Personal gifts as Christmas Challenge coins

It’s an excellent idea to have Christmas Challenge Coins attached to your Christmas tree and also to give them out to all your pals. It’s a good idea to have all such people on the list when you are getting your special Christmas challenge coins minted so that they would remember the special Christmas when they were gifted something special and along with it a challenge coin and the coin would be there with the year of that special Christmas to make things special for all those people who think that Christmas is there because of their friends and family and all that they get from them as gifts on the special occasion.

Military Challenge Coins in Every Field of Life

Custom Military Coins | Military CoinsMilitary challenge coins have not any value but the worth and value of this coin is priceless and more even you could pay off. These are the coins which are known by many names: Commander Coins, Honor Coins, Pride Coins, Unit Coins, and Military honor coins. These are the types of coins which are associated with the honorable duty of the military.

The history of the military is not thought to be very ancient old but the merging of challenge coins came into being with the happening of the First World War me. There are different point of views of people regarding this but the ending point is only that Military Challenge Coins were thought to have been issued with happening of World War I. During the first world war, these military challenge coins were issued to create different among the soldiers. Because there were many incidents when soldiers were killed by the firing of companion soldiers and the entire purpose of making the military challenge coins was to stand the soldiers in the crowd from the other.

Military Challenge coins are given to the people to make their identification obvious for the other people and many people used to wear the military challenge coins as a necklace.

When the America was a young nation then Peace Coins were made in America to give it to the people and one side of the coin has an image of an American President while the other side of the Coin had a symbol of peace and friendship. These coins were given to the leaders at the time of important meetings and treaties as a symbol of love and peace and friendship.

Awarding The Brave Soldiers

Custom Award CoinsThe brave soldiers are awarded by the government and their own organizations for the excellent work they do. Many soldiers lose their lives in different operations while others hurt themselves so badly that they get handicapped for the rest of their lives while others return safe and sound. However all three categories of soldiers are awarded award challenge coins which are given in a special ceremony arranged on a very large scale with the help of the government. All those people who think that they are eligible of getting the special award challenge coins and have not got the chance to prove they can always ask their officers to post them at such places where their life is at risk and they can do something for their country.

These award challenge coins are given to all the officers for their extraordinary efforts and all those officers who got martyred during the whole situation, their families receive the coins on their behalf. The wives or parents or even children are presented the coins for the brave soldier who was a part of their family who laid his life for his country and for which not just the family but also the government and the country are proud of.

The awards are presented in special ceremonies and usually the President or Prime Minister of the state presents the award winners with these coins. The coins are given out in special glass cases or velvet boxes and these presenting boxes are specially made to order. The coins are also expensively made in gold, silver or platinum along with the year and date of the task which engulfed the lives of the brave soldiers yet the whole life of the martyr remained a symbol of pride for his family and those that he knew forever.

Military Challenge Coins Presentation

Custom Military CoinsThe military challenge coins presentation is based on the fact of how it is being used. There are several people who know that these coins are awarded to the brave and gallant soldiers for their extraordinary efforts. These challenge coins are special and they are presented to the extra special officers who did extraordinary stuff for their country and for the people of their country. These officers are then presented with gold or platinum coins in special ceremonies that are arranged out of the ordinary in a special setup.

Special ceremonies arrange for the presentation of the coins to the brave soldiers. Many soldiers are presenting themselves while others who could not survive and earned martyrdom; their families and parents are present to collect their awards on their behalf.

The Military Challenge Coins presentation is a big issue when such special people are to be awarded by them. These coins are ordered with the special inscriptions and along with them a lot of time is spent on the way they are to be presented. The special boxes and their special covers are discussed in detail with the mints as usually the mints arrange the presenting boxes along with the coins according to the special size of them.

What Are Challenge Coins, Types and Purposes

Challenge Coins-ArtworkThis is the small coins use by the US military for their organization members. This is the tradition of the US military members to carry these special coins for symbolizing the unit identification. For the American Military Coins are the part of military life today and these are reserved for every troop branch service. Basically now a days these coins are carried by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines and also these are carried by firefighters and law men. With the help of these coins the person can be identified as the particular member unit and also can be seen for their targets and for their past history. And also when these are together then they challenge their colleagues by their coins. These coins are also given to the group as you can say that this is slammed on the members to challenge for the other groups and the last one have to pay the penalty. This tradition was established in the world war II when the forces of the America were securing the nation’s freedom. These coins were popular during the Vietnam War, and these were for the unique identification and also for the strong bond. Now a day this has very much greater importance in the American army at every level of command. These are also used as spot awards by the commanders. In the American army their leaders gave some part of their coins to the civilian VIPs. There is an important thing is that these challenge coins should have carried by the person of the army all the time and these coins are checked by army officers because this the duty. There are two types of the challenge coins :

1. Hard Enamel

2. Soft Enamel

In the hard enamel,  this is the process of Chinese lapel pins which use hard baked enamels for their smooth finish. While the soft enamel leaves the coins with textured surface and on the raised area is the design of the stamp  and on the raised area colors are filled. And also these are unfinished. These coins are used as the reward for the army member for their outstanding performance. As it shows that this is given to the army members for high their morale. These tradition coins were also given to the officers when those are retired from their designation as this is the tradition and also you can say that it’s also the worth of recognition.

There is one important Challenge Coin in the United State Air force which is “Bull Dog” called challenge coin 2. And is exclusively to B-52 enlisted tail gunners. These challenge coins are awarded to that person who graduates from air force training and those who are going to enter in the “Gunners Association ”. The coin is a presentation of strength. This coin is also given to the those army officers or commanders who portrayed the spirit of bull dog are called “Honorary Gunners”. There is another organization which use the challenge coins for their members is “National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club” (NABSTMC).