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Special Coins in Place of Visiting Cards

Custom Challenge Coins

Visiting Challenge Coins

Several people have their own special coins. These have their own private logos on them. They give out these coins as visiting cards, which is a great option for them. These may be a bit expensive in comparison to the paper cards, but they are long lasting. The message mounted on them leaves a deeper impact than the paper cards. It is a good way to promote your business. The challenge coins act as brochures. The ones that are used to promote a label are slightly expensive. It is important to have different custom coins minted for different uses. They are the need of time, and it is important to stay up to the date to know about the different things. One should be aware of the different messages that can be spread through the coins. All the coins are made in different shapes, and they can differ in sizes.


Corporate Coins

It is a great idea to make special challenge coins for any club member. It is important to have a logo or a card to show membership. It is easy to carry a coin with other money coins. The prices of the coins depend on the metal being used. The coins can be minted in copper and nickel, and in gold and silver. The different mints prepare the coins in order. They provide free shipping and all orders and payments can be done online the internet. The mint owners have special people who satisfy the clients by sending in details through email. Until the design is completely satisfying the client, the mint owners do not confirm the order. The coins may be different in shape, but the bigger the order the lesser the price. So, please orders now and get a different style of coin minted for any purpose you want.

History of The Coins


The custom challenge coins have a very interesting history. They were a part of the Greek era as well as the early eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century. They became common after the First World War. During the war, the civilians were invited to help in flying the Air Force planes. The training was given less time. A group of fifteen pilots was given a special coin with logo and the date of the training by one of the group members. They vowed to carry these coins with them as they were a memory of their fraternity. One of the pilot’s plane crashed in his own country.

Custom Challenge CoinsThe officers who caught the pilot did not believe that he was not an enemy pilot. He suddenly remembered the coin that was tied around his neck in a leather pouch. He showed them the coin, which was checked, and the officer was released. The coin saved the life of the officer and from here the trend started. It became a necessity for every officer to carry a challenge coin. The coins are minted by the different battalions of their officers. Each battalion has a different logo and the coins have to keep safely with the officers. The officers use these coins in all kinds of emergency purpose. They have to be kept in their original shape, and any alternation would leave them of no use.

Custom CoinsThe coins are not only used for challenging, but they are also used to commemorate the services of the different officers. A special ceremony is organized, and the head of the state presents the coins to the brave officers. The coins are also placed in special boxes that are made to order. This makes all the officers very proud. These coins are made up of expensive materials like gold, silver or platinum.

Custom Coins For Personal Use

Custom coins can also mint for personal use. There are many people who love custom coins, and they have a great collection. They are ready to pay any price to get all kinds of different coins. These people have several coins of their own. They make sure that they get the mint and the best quality metal. It is important to make sure that the metal they are using would not get spoiled. The coin collectors know the different details. They know what size of the coin is good for what purpose. All these coin collectors have special cases made for placing the coins. These cases are made of glass.


Original Source of Custom Coins

The reason to get them made in glass is so that they are visible from both sides. The coins decorate by dates and beautiful logos. They are also colored, and it is important to make sure that all the people who see the coin, get attracted towards it. The beauty of the coin is present for the coin lovers; the important thing is to create an attraction for those who do not have any interest in coins. The mints know how to manage the different things. It is important to give the all kinds of details to client when they book an order. The client should also be told about the different images if they would seem on metal as they do on paper or not. It is important for all to get aware of the different causes the coins can use.

The Commemorative Challenge Coins are not only used for commemorating the services of anyone, but they are also used to give good advertisement. A lot of competition is going on between different mints, and it is a good idea to take a few quotations to get a better idea of what to choose.

Army Challenge Coins

MTA-Police-K9-Unit-coinArmy challenge coins have been used since the First World War. They became a trend by chance and then their usefulness made them a tradition and a necessity. It is very important for all to know that the challenge coins that are owned by the military people are not just any ordinary coins. These coins are special, and they have to be carried by the officers at all times they are like an identity card for them. They serve as a hidden identity for the officer at the time of need.

It is very important for all to keep in mind what it means to own a challenge coin. The officers have to keep the challenge coins with them during duty hours and non-duty hours. It is important for all to keep these coins and they are checked by the senior officers quite often. The challenge coins are challenged by slapping them hard on a flat surface.


Army Challenge Coins

All the officers present within hearing distance have to make sure that they show their coins. The officer who is unable to show his coin has to buy a round of drinks to all the other officers; if all the officers are able to show their coins then the challenger has to buy the drinks. History has shown that these coins have become the saviors of several officers. It is important to make sure that the coins are kept in the same shape as they are. Any coin that has been drilled with a hole or tried to change shape leaves the coin useless. In case of theft of the coin, it has to be reported to the senior officials. The logo of these Army Challenge Coins is copyrighted and cannot be used by anyone for personal use. The logo represents the unit and battalion of the officer.

Military Challenge Coins Are Not Limited To The Army Units

https://www.maxchallengecoins.com/custom-coinsAs the Second World War had no boundary, so the troops who fell captive in the territories of enemies or friends are identified by their challenge coins. There is an interesting story in this perspective i.e. An American aircraft had to land in the enemy territory after heavy damage. He was captured by the German patrols. They took off everything in his possession. The pilot managed to escape from the German military camp in civilian get up. But later on he was captured by the French patrols. They considered him a German spy and ordered his execution but luckily the pilot had been left with his challenge coin. He showed that to the French troops and safely reached home.

Military challenge coins are not limited to the army units. Its use is growing among the politicians, celebrities and private organizations, clubs and associations. President Bill Clinton has various military challenge coins awarded to him by different U.S. Servicemen. The coins are currently held in the Clinton Library. President George W. Bush received military challenge coin during his surprised visit to Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq, in September 2007 from the Marine Combat patrol unit. President Barak Obama used to wear challenge coin in the memory of the soldier killed in Fort Hood Shooting.

Though military challenge coins are not expensive in material but they have no match for the wearer and collector of coins as per their historical importance and identification.

Various Uses Of Military Challenge Coins

vetrans_dayMilitary challenge coin is another name of patriotism, pride and honor. In fact it has various names akin to the feelings that its wearers may have e.g., honor coin, unit coin, challenge coin, commander’s coin, pride coin etc. In the military, other than military challenge coins they are also called navy challenge coin and air force challenge coin as per their respective military branch. It minted in gold, bronze, copper or nickel and polished or plated with gold or silver to give it a lavish look.


Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins give as a ward in military branches and squadrons including air force, navy and defense forces. The trend of awarding challenge coin also lies in various government and private organizations.  If we trace the history of military challenge coin, we shall find various myths and realities about it. In fact, the origin of challenge coin is a matter of great debate. But the most famous and acceptably believe is that an officer from the United Air Force ordered to mint gold-plated bronze challenge coins for the first time. Whatever its origin, but its use of the military is imminent now, which starts as soon as an army man or woman successfully clears his military graduation. Military challenge coins are also awarded to the widow or relatives of the martyr.

CTU_coinThe forces of the United States have also been using military challenge coins as an identification mark. Especially in the second world war, the American soldiers or contact person used to have a Philippine challenge coins to show themselves with the Philippine guerrillas, who were fighting the Japanese forces.

Different Custom Coins Varies With Price Variations

Custom Challenge CoinsThe price also makes a coin customized. A regular standard coin costs between 4 to 15 dollars. The price of custom coins can be altered with customization. Each coin has its own properties like the color combination, material, coin manufacturing process, etc. These factors are very vital in deciding the price. Changing these elements can change the price too. For example, some companies allow up to 7 free colors. After that, the client needs to pay for each added color. The price may vary if the customer requires adding more colors. coinsSimilarly, the material also varies in price. Gold and silver plated coins are high priced coins.

The combination of the all the elements creates a coin. Changing one property may create an entirely new coin. This is the reason creating custom coin is a fun process too. It creates excitement for the designer to create a coin, that symbolizes the purpose it is manufactured for.

The tradition of customizing challenge coins is very old. After successful use of the first challenge coin, each military department decided to have their own unique coins. That was the first time in the world that somebody created personalized challenged coins. But, soon they became very popular. Now days, a lot of organizations are creating their own coins. Even families have their symbolic coins, which tell about the family roots. These coins are useful for telling future generations about their forefathers.

Companies issue special customized coins on every important occasion. Members of that company wear them to show they are celebrating the event together. Coin manufacturing companies issue special purpose coins for the general public. The public can also buy single coins if they want one.

What Makes Challenge Coin Personalized?

Challenge coins are medals that soldiers used to wear earlier during and after the First World War. A US Air Force coin saved the life of a soldier. This showed the effectiveness of the Custom Coins to the entire world. Afterward, they were used by government, non-government and private organizations. These are small medallions that anyone can wear. The main purpose of wearing them is to show membership and motivating groups for a noble cause.

Challenge coins can also be customized. When they are customized ones, they belong to a specific organization. But, what makes a challenge coin a custom one? Well, the variety is limitless. The color and color combination make them unique. Companies use colors that complement their company’s main theme. Similarly, there are many other factors that make them personalized.

Custom Coins Maker

Custom Coins Maker

Coin manufacturing companies usually hold a large collection of challenge coins, but they are just samples. The actual design of the coin can be proposed to the company. There are two ways of designing your coins. One is to prepare your own design and give for manufacturing. The second way is to tell requirements to a designer of the coin manufacturing company and have gotten coins ready. Already existing coins can be a great guideline.

The material of the coin can also create variations. There are a lot of materials available in the market. These include iron, brass, bronze, copper, etc. There are also platter options, which include gold and silver materials. If somebody has a high budget, these coins have ultimate look. For more click here to get a free quote about custom coins.

Handle Custom Challenge Coins With Great Care

The trend of collecting challenge coins is increasing because of the fame it has got in past years. There are a lot of people worldwide who have the passion of collecting unique and custom challenge coins. Custom challenge coins are special purpose coins that serve exclusive causes. They are used in many military, non-military, government and non-government organizations. The reason why they are becoming popular is their price plus beauty. Today, these coins are used for almost every purpose.

Custom Coins

Display Challenge Coins

The price per piece is very less as compared to other items given as awards, etc. This is the reason people use them to celebrate their special occasions. The other reason is their beauty that they hold. The coins are very attractive in looks. The finish is great and neat. That is why people also love to collect special purpose coins as their personal collection. People also exchange these coins on their personal events like birthdays and weddings, etc. Such coins will always keep the memories of the event in the hearts of the participants. These coins will be valuable even for the coming generations.

If somebody has these coins, he will try his level best to protect them. This is because people do not want that the coins get rotten by the passing time. The coins are worth handling with care. The people in this business recognized this need and introduced many coin saving cases to keep coins for a long period of time. Keeping coins without the coin saving case may cause them to wear out soon.

If coins are saved in security cases with the care, they might last long for display. They can also be shown with ease to others without damaging the coin. Moreover, coins inlaid in a clean manner are presentable and a source of joy for collectors. Keeping the above factors in mind, there are a number of different coins-saving display cases in the market. They are built with wood, glass, leather and plastic, etc. They can hold from one to multiple coins at a time.


Custom Coins Display

Coin collection is a good hobby, but it is a purpose too. The Custom Coins can be saved to show the coming generations. They will get to know the purpose of the coins generation and how their forefathers fought for the noble cause. They will understand the level of the unity they showed. Each coin tells its story from its own face. That is why coins are worth a thousand words. No one is safe from the craze of collecting coins for personal collection. Even presidents have saved their personal coins, which they gathered on different occasions. President Bill Clinton got many coins during his career which he saved in a case made of wood and glass. He has placed those coins in the museum for the general public. Similarly, President Bush got many coins during his career. He has also saved his collection in safety cases. These safety case can be found on various sites online. Like coins, these cases are also not very expensive.

Create Your Award Challenge Coins With Free Artwork

Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Made Coins

It is not that difficult to create challenge coins these days. All those people who think that they cannot find coins on anything should refer to the different companies that mint coins and they can show them the designs and other things related to the minting of coins. Most of the coins are designed newly as the designs are usually copyrighted and cannot be used without permission. However the idea about the designs of the coins can be taken from the log book of the different designs already minted by a mint.

Challenge Coins are actually the best way to represent any company of any state; may it be Military unit, Police and Fire departments, Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Business Associations, Retirements, Church Groups, Fundraising, Weddings, Scout Troops, etc. Create challenge coins for any purpose without any hassle or any kind of heavy budget.

Several mints are functioning for the minting of different coins and it is necessary for people all over the world to get all what they want in their coins. The color combination, the shape, the size, the metal, everything is according to the use and purpose of the different clients.

The following steps are followed to create challenge coins:

a)    The heads of different departments decide what they need to create challenge coins for their department or club, school, etc.

b)    The design is finalized on paper first and then sent to the different mints for a quotation.

c)    The mint that is finalized then tells them the details of their design if it would be as good in metal as it is on paper. The necessary changes are made accordingly.

d)    The price is finalized according to the number of coins needed by the minter. The key to getting a lower price per piece is to get the maximum number of coins minted in one design.

e)    The shape of the coin should be counter checked so that no issues arise after minting especially if it is not the regular round shape.

f)    To create challenge coins the most important thing is the border of the coin which is in different designs and very important for the betterment of the final look of it.

g)    The packing and presentation of each coin is complimented by the mints and if the client needs something exceptional; that should also be discussed properly.

Custom Made Coins

To create challenge coins for the special forces of any country, any mint cannot be chosen. Each force usually has their own special mint or a mint that makes coins for all the government agencies does the process. These mints are aware of the importance and the level of what the different forces demand is and they work accordingly. They do not have any issues with the price and what is important is that the coins to be minted properly.

To create challenge coins for special occasions it should be seen that coins have special logos, dates, photographs, prayer or anything that is a part of the military tradition or any other purpose they are being used for. The coins should have such words on them that can raise the morale of the officers, students, players, etc whenever they see their challenge coin. To create challenge coins may not be that difficult but to create such coins that leave a lasting effect on the owners is what actually matters.