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10 Best Ideas to Promote Your Business with Challenge Coins

Now the marketing strategies have changed and several different ideas have come up. The major idea is to promote a business by marketing through different type of challenge coins. The challenge coins act as brochures but are definitely more expensive.

10 Best Ideas to Promote Your Business with Challenge Coins

Here are ten best ideas to promote a business using different types of challenge coins:

  1. Get the logo of your company embellished on a coin and give out these coins for free with different food or grocery products.
  2. Using the challenge coins as a replacement to brochures and giving them out for free on signals and other such places for people to remember and visit the new place.
  3. Challenge coins can also be used as a gift after purchase at a shop. These coins are a good way to make the shopper remember his shopping and would bring up the excitement among children to collect more and more coins by visiting the same shop again and again.
  4. Challenge coins may also be used as tokens. Each coin worth a few points that would give a specific percentage of sales on the complete bill would attract a lot of people to purchase things from a shop and gather lots of points to get the sale.
  5. Challenge coins are a good incentive for all those involved in a program.
  6. Challenge coins can be given as a bribe for all those who can spend a good amount of money for all those who may be given a few points in return and these points would then add up to a reward coin.
  7. It can serve as a completion gift for people after a program is completed.
  8. A challenge coin can be used as a good support system for the promotion of any kind of a business project like a school by giving details on one side and the logo on the other side.
  9. Professional careers can be maintained by giving out certain challenge coins that have tips that may be useful for others.
  10. Challenge coins are a good way to write recipes on them and give them out in different packets for people to collect and help in the growth of sales of the product.

Challenge Coins – Old Traditions and New Trends

Challenge Coins CollectionThe old challenge coins were plain and simple with simple borders and were made up of different metals. The challenge coins in old times were not that expensive either and if their metal was banged up they were still not worth except the actual cost. The new trends in challenge coins have changed the whole concept of challenge coins.

They are no more used for challenging the officers to show their coins but are now a good way of marketing products. Most of the challenge coins are a part of the marketing scheme of a product or franchise. The challenge coins are now very expensive and made up of every kind of expensive materials like gold, silver, platinum, etc. most of the challenge coins in the olden times were only worth a few dimes while now the more invested in the coins means attracting more public towards their brand.

Many people have thought about bringing out their own logo coins which are very different in shape. The coins which are in the form of logos are very different and definitely expensive as well. All those people who have added the new ideas to the minting of coins are definitely worth what they are doing. The biggest idea of promoting a business is through the different types of coins.
Histroy Challenge Coins

The latest types of coins that have become very common are:

  1. Spinner challenge coins: These kinds of challenge coins are not that useful but they are quite expensive. These kinds of coins are actually loved by coin collectors and coin lovers.
  1. Punched digit challenge coins: these kinds of coins are introduced by different food franchises or factory owners. They are given out to the different workers so that their attendance can be marked out daily. Similarly the food franchises take help by the punched digits by placing the food orders on the table of the one who has the punched digit coin placed on it.
  1. Bottle opener challenge coins: these kinds of coins are very common and given out usually by bottle companies. They get these kinds of coins made with the logo of their company or brand on it and give them out to the general public for free and for the marketing of their product. Other companies also use these kinds of coins so that when the people use them to open bottles their attention gets the better of them for their business.