Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins: Helpful Hints

When it comes to ordering your custom challenge coins, the various options and restrictions can be confusing or overwhelming. From edge cuts two epoxy coats of metal finish, the decisions seem endless, and getting your artwork just right may seem impossible. Here are some tips to help the ordering process go more smoothly.


Most likely you will be submitting your own artwork or ideas to be made into a coin. It may be a company logo, a mascot symbol that represents your squadron, a Maltese cross to represent your firehouse, or anything else related to your coin. The possibilities are endless. However, for our graphic artists, using clear, high quality images work the best. Vector artwork is the most desirable, but not everyone has access to a vector program, and that’s alright. Our graphic art staff can take care of that. High resolution images work well, especially 300dpi image files. As long as the details are easy to see, the graphic artists can recreate your artwork onto a challenge coin!

Offset Printing

Offset Printing Challenge Coins


When you want a photo or special logo without it being lined into metal, your best option is having it offset printed onto your challenge coin. For the best outcome, we suggest your image be at 300 dpi. Offset printed coins will have a protective epoxy dome to preserve them.



Most challenge coins have a raised area and a recessed area. When a coin has an area that is sculpted, or has multiple layers of raised areas, it is referred to as 3D. Creating a proof of the design for 3D coins can take longer than a typical coin depending on the level of detail. High resolution artwork can help with the process, but ultimately is comes down to the amount of detail desired. Remember to account for extra time needed when you order 3D artwork for your challenge coin.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers make a great keepsake for anyone, from military friends to wedding guests. Please note, however, that size can be a limiting factor. Because of the opening, bottle openers work best at 2”-2.25” for both round and rectangle styles. Take into consideration as well that the space for artwork is smaller to account for the bottle opening as well. Bottle openers with a side opening have a little more space for more detailed artwork, but still have limitations to their size. Don’t let these restrictions intimidate you. We’ll happily work with you to get the best quality custom bottle openers.

If you still have lingering questions, need clarification, or are ready to start your order, feel free to contact us and get started on your custom challenge coins.