Military Challenge Coins Styles And Designs

Military challenge coins styles and designs are a part of the military culture since the First World War and it is important for every military officer to be carrying his coin with him twenty four seven. Each and every unit have their own different styled challenge coins which are a part of their uniform and kept with them in such a way that they are hard to differ from money coins. Some coins are of different shapes, like they are not round and are cornered or even in the shape of a bottle opener or any other form.

Several bottle opener challenge coins are such that they have the unique logos of the military on them and that is how they can be discriminated from any other kind of bottle openers or simple challenge coins. Most of the different kinds of challenge coins are minted in the following metals:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Copper Nickel
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Other metals

The different styles of the coins and their metals differ according to the importance of these coins in the field of military they are awarded. The normal challenge coins are made up of the casual metals which are not quite expensive and a lot of the challenge coins are usually made up of the inferior quality metal because they are just used for the identified purpose challenge coins which are to be carried around by the officers all the time. The expensive metals of the Military Challenge Coins styles and designs are made up of gold, silver and platinum and these kinds of coins are usually gifted as awards to officers on their special acts of bravery or intelligence.

All these special coins are made in different designs; some are even cut out the forms of logos which represent the services ranks or branch. There are several designs of coins which include Dog Tags and custom medallions as well. Many people especially the officers related to the field of intelligence are at a complete risk usually because they have to do spying and they can get caught and if something that tells their identity is found with them, they might get in trouble so challenge coins that look like dog tags are a great idea. Similarly the medallions are big Coins which give their own kind of special look and purpose.

The stylized challenge coins are those that have their own special look which includes the special rimmed look of the coins and these also include the different shapes which are no more round or cut out, but anything desired by the minter. Each and every design of the challenge coins is approved prior to the minting procedure.