Military Challenge Coins Presentation

Custom Military CoinsThe military challenge coins presentation is based on the fact of how it is being used. There are several people who know that these coins are awarded to the brave and gallant soldiers for their extraordinary efforts. These challenge coins are special and they are presented to the extra special officers who did extraordinary stuff for their country and for the people of their country. These officers are then presented with gold or platinum coins in special ceremonies that are arranged out of the ordinary in a special setup.

Special ceremonies arrange for the presentation of the coins to the brave soldiers. Many soldiers are presenting themselves while others who could not survive and earned martyrdom; their families and parents are present to collect their awards on their behalf.

The Military Challenge Coins presentation is a big issue when such special people are to be awarded by them. These coins are ordered with the special inscriptions and along with them a lot of time is spent on the way they are to be presented. The special boxes and their special covers are discussed in detail with the mints as usually the mints arrange the presenting boxes along with the coins according to the special size of them.

Several boxes are made up of clear plastic through which the coins can be seen even when closed. Some of the coins are presented in special velvet boxes that have a generous look about them as well. Some coins are presented along with velvet pouches while others are put in leather pouches. Similarly some coins especially the gold ones are put in special glass cases that are made up of unbreakable glass through which the coins can be viewed from both the sides and they can even be placed in some kind of rack or put on a wall as well.

Most of the times the special Challenge Coins, due to being expensive, the mints give their special cases complimentary along with the coins but if they are to be extra special and are more costly then they are to be ordered from some special places so that they can look good according to the expensive coins being placed in them. The presentation of the coins has been just not what these coins are specially for, it’s actually the respect and the gratitude of the officers who put their lives at stake or even lost them which matters. These coins are presented to them in such a way that they feel that, yes we actually did something extraordinary and feel proud to show around these coins to their friends and family and be proud of it as well. They should not feel embarrassed about the cover of the coin in any way at all.