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Challenge coins can be traced back to ancient Rome where the soldiers were awarded special coins in recognition of their achievements. However, challenge coins became most popular after World War I in the US. Initially started as a traditional token of identification and loyalty to a particular armed force unit, the challenge coins have come a long way.

Today, challenge coins are used not only by the military units but are increasingly popular among private clubs or academic institutes and other non-profit organizations as well. These are used to remind the holder of the commitment and strength of the group as well as to help build stronger relationships amongst the group members.

Challenge coins – For challenges too

Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are dual in nature. These are used for identification and as a test of loyalty as well. The most popular is for a group member to challenge another member of the group to show the coin. If the challenged group member fails to produce the coin then they can be asked for a round of drinks or to perform a task. This encourages the group members to carry the coin at all times as a show of loyalty to the group.

Custom challenge coins – Unique and Impressive

Custom challenge coins have been popular from decades now. The immense variety and customizing possible for creating a unique design prompts thousands of orders for good quality and durable custom challenge coins to be met every year. This is an easy way to design your own challenge coin which reflects the ideals and actions of your group.

The highly-customizable challenge coins can be crafted from a large variety of conventional and exotic metals to achieve the highest quality in material and design.


Max Custom Challenge Coins – Better and more reliable

With Max Challenge Coins, you are ensured complete customization and the best quality of designer challenge coins at the best price possible.