Interesting Facts About Custom Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a sort of medal that anybody can wear as the identification of some organization or a cause. They have different standard sizes with several decoration options. Most amazingly, the prices of these Award Challenge Coins are not very high. This is one of the major reasons why these coins became so popular and why their popularity is still increasing.

A challenge coin is considered a true coin if it is worn as it is. If there is some other way adopted for wearing them, they no longer belong to challenge coin category. For example, a hole in the coin is not acceptable. The coin will turn into ordinary medal. It will not be called a challenge coin.

Challenge CoinA challenge coin must be present with the owner all the time. It is their dignity and respect to carry them all the time. It shows your behavior how important those coins are for you. The tradition of holding them with a soldier all the time started when a soldier accidently saved his life due to the coins. An American soldier of the Air Force was shot down by the enemies. They announced the punishment and were about to execute the trial when they saw the coin which hold the important information about the soldier’s country. The soldier was sent back to his country with respect. After this incident, the compulsion of wearing the coins all the time started. The tradition is still alive to date.