There are different kinds of medallions that are actually used to honor the services of different people at different levels and because of different actions that they have done in their lives that have proved fruitful for several people of their country. Many people think that medallions are just a part of the life of the military people but what they are unaware of is that these people have to follow a very tough routine and also stay away from their loved ones for a very long time in some branches of the forces. These medallions are still not given to every officer. The medallions are only given to those officers who services are worth honoring and the government and the department is proud of them. The custom medallions are of several different shapes and each department has a different picture on the custom modules; usually the logo of the unit. The different military medallions include all those special branches of the forces that make their officers work extraordinarily hard for the well being of the people and the country. The very Special Forces medals are quite special and they are made for all those people who think that these people are a part of the force that has actually made a difference with their hard work. These special medals are given out to the officers according to their hard work and this is categorized with the special metal that is used with these coins.

The custom police medals and the other kinds of medallions are all specially minted and their designs are copyrighted and cannot be copied at the nay stage by any other branch of the forces or the civilians specifically.

Most of the coins are packed up in a special box that is made especially according to the size of the coin as these coins differ with each ceremony and branch according to the logo and the amount of money each branch of the forces is ready to invest in these medallions. The medallions play a very important part in the lives of all the young recruits who are given a very special thing that if they work hard and put in all their energy for the good of their country and its people they would also be awarded with such medals. All those officers who lose their lives in the different acts they do against the criminals are also awarded these medallions. These medallions are received by their widows or if they were too young and not even married, then by their parents. When the medallions of a martyr are awarded in a ceremony, the whole area goes quite as in respect to the one who lost his life for the cause of his country.