Future of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Coins Guidlines

Challenge coin is the type of custom coins that are usually used as medals. These kinds of custom coins are there in business for decades. These medals attained their importance in the era of World War 1 at that time usually only the military people wear them. Such medal represents the mission they are working on. Those coins were only used by armed forces for acknowledging or admiring someone work. These medals were considered as the symbol of bravery and courage. After that they were also getting famous among public service departments as well, as they are the people who risked their lives for the public in general.  In previous years we have seen that these coins were also used by governments as an award to those peoples who had devoted themselves to a particular good cause. But now we can see that these custom challenge coins are not only being used by the military, public service departments or the government but also by some of the big organizations. Organizations are giving these coins for various purposes for instance they are giving it to their most talented employees for the sake of award, they are also giving it to some of the speakers to admire their presence. The organizations also used these kinds of coins to promote an upcoming event or run a promotional activity; employees also wear them to represent their organization in some public fairs.

Various churches and NGOs also use these custom challenge coins to serve a noble cause such kind of coins have some pictures and a slogan that represent the particular organization and it was designed in such a particular manner that it will not affect the theme of designing it.  Many Academic institutes also give these custom challenge coins to its remarkable students as a symbol of excellence, these coins serve as an honor to those students who had shown marvelous results in their academic career. The idea of whole custom challenge coins is getting popular among the general public as well. It has been evidenced that lots of families admire to exchange the custom challenge coins with one another to make the event memorable.  These events include, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Veterans day and etc.. Many of the individuals also collect those coins as a hobby.

Many of the coin making companies had assessed this whole scenario with diligence and now they are making some special custom coins for those special events. Customers can also choose the size and the color of their challenge coins as per their own desire.

Whenever a company, academic institute or an NGO wants to create some sort of custom challenge coins they usually present the idea of the designer, after that the designer work on the appearance of the coin once, he gets a suitable design he has just presented it to the customer and after customer approval the coin manufacturing companies manufacture them. The price of each custom coin varies, but usually it’s not more than just a few dollars between $3 to $5.