Design Options

Most of the challenge coins are round but as the trend of using challenge coins for different things is growing we’ve been introducing new designs and shapes according to the requirements of the customers. The coins are now made on order for any kind of logo or design that the customer wants. Of course the price of the coin which is not round in shape is more than that which is round but all those who are ready to make a mark with the special challenge coins spend a good amount on the minting of the coins.


Coins are available in the normal i) round shape: the normal round shape coins are the same as the ones used in money. They are of the normal size and have a logo or design on both the sides. The round shape coins are the oldest types of coins and have been in use since money came into being.

ii) 2-D shape: the two dimensional or the 2-D shaped coins are the usual coins they are called two dimensional as they have embellishments on both the sides of the coin.

iii) 3-D shape: the three dimensional or the 3-D shape of coins is a bit different from the normal or 2-D coins. In these coins the logo on the coin seems to be jutting out of the coin. In a way it is minted over the base of the coin. This kind of coins is a bit expensive in comparison to the usual ones.

iv) Multi-relief challenge coins: the multi relief coins are very rare as they are quite expensive. This kind of coins takes the onlooker about three steps into the depth of the coin which makes them look different and extra ordinary.

v) Odd shaped challenge coins: these kinds of coins are quite expensive and there designs are copy righted. The shape of the coin can be of any kind and the logo and paint colors can be accordingly as well.

The coins can be made out of any kind of metal which may include expensive ones like gold, silver, platinum, etc or the usual ones like brass, nickel, etc.

Your options are not just limited to a few shapes, sizes or colors as we can help you get any type of styles and designs in any material, color or size of your choice.