Challenging Officers With Challenge Coins

Max Challenge Coins-ArtworkThere are several kinds of Custom Challenge Coins which are used by the different forces all over the world. The most common and the oldest custom challenge coins are those that are used by the military forces. The origin of these coins goes back to the First and Second World Wars when these coins became a reason to save the lives of many soldiers who were able to reach their own borders, but there was no way to prove that they were actually the soldiers of the same country. These coins proved their identity and saved many lives.

The custom challenge coins are challenged in two different ways:

a)      By calling out verbally

When the officer calls out verbally for the others to show their coins all the people around them also get to know what the call has been made for.

b)      By snapping the coin hard on a flat surface

This is kind of a silent challenge however it is known by all those officers who are present near them.

All the officers are supposed to carry their custom challenge coins in case of an emergency.

The custom challenge coins are initially given out to all the officers after they start their military careers. These coins are to be kept with the officers at all times. To make sure that these coins are kept with them all the time the senior officials kept a check on their junior officers at different times during duty and non duty hours. These surprised checks make the officers aware of the fact that they have to keep the coin with them in every condition. The custom challenge coins are a good way to prove the identity in hard times.

The custom challenge coins are made up of usually the normal brass, copper, nickel and copper nickel while the expensive coins can be minted on special demand. Usually the expensive custom challenge coins are made and given as medallions to give to the officers for their brave acts and to honor their services in different times of hard work and patience. These special challenge coins have a very special place in the hearts and lives of these brave officers and these coins are passed on to generations and even sold at different museums at very high rates.

Most of the Custom Award Coins are round but as the trend of using challenge coins for different things is growing the people who mint the coins are introducing new designs and shapes. The coins are now made to order for any kind of logo or design that the customer wants. Of course the price of the coin which is not round in shape is more than that which is round but all those who are ready to make a mark with the special custom challenge coins spend a good amount on the minting of the coins. Many of the important government agencies have specially designed challenge coins of their own. Some of the special agencies have given out challenge coins to all their officers. These challenge coins are a way to give them a secret identity and this secret identity can be shown to other officials in case of any kind of trouble. The challenge coins are made of special material and these coins loose their importance if there shape is trying to be changed or a hole is trying to be borne through it.