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Challenge Coins Collection and Their Shapes & Uses

Challenege Coins

Military Challenge CoinsCustom challenge coins are minted in several different shapes, colors, designs and metals. The military coins are usually in the original copper, nickel and other alloy colors. This is a good way to show the owner of  it and the worth of it. It is very important for everyone  to know that the challenge coins are worth “the weight and the metal” only. If it’s shape is altered, they would be of no use. Those have to be in their original shape to be passed on or used in any way. Just like the money coins, the worth of a half pence would be half pence even if its shape is altered.

However, if they are not made up of any heavy metal would be worthless once its shape is altered. There are many people who own a large collection of them. The people know the importance of them, and also know, how important these are and what their worth is. The large collection of these coins is kept in specially made boxes which show both sides by being set up in such a way. There are special albums that are made. The people who love to collect know, how important it is for the different brands to have colorful coins for their esteemed customers. It helps in getting a better system of management for all those who do not know how to promote their newly set up business in a different and unique way.

Challenge Coins

Future of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Coins Guidlines

Challenge coin is the type of custom coins that are usually used as medals. These kinds of custom coins are there in business for decades. These medals attained their importance in the era of World War 1 at that time usually only the military people wear them. Such medal represents the mission they are working on. Those coins were only used by armed forces for acknowledging or admiring someone work. These medals were considered as the symbol of bravery and courage. After that they were also getting famous among public service departments as well, as they are the people who risked their lives for the public in general.  In previous years we have seen that these coins were also used by governments as an award to those peoples who had devoted themselves to a particular good cause. But now we can see that these custom challenge coins are not only being used by the military, public service departments or the government but also by some of the big organizations. Organizations are giving these coins for various purposes for instance they are giving it to their most talented employees for the sake of award, they are also giving it to some of the speakers to admire their presence. The organizations also used these kinds of coins to promote an upcoming event or run a promotional activity; employees also wear them to represent their organization in some public fairs.

Various churches and NGOs also use these custom challenge coins to serve a noble cause such kind of coins have some pictures and a slogan that represent the particular organization and it was designed in such a particular manner that it will not affect the theme of designing it.  Many Academic institutes also give these custom challenge coins to its remarkable students as a symbol of excellence, these coins serve as an honor to those students who had shown marvelous results in their academic career. The idea of whole custom challenge coins is getting popular among the general public as well. It has been evidenced that lots of families admire to exchange the custom challenge coins with one another to make the event memorable.  These events include, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Veterans day and etc.. Many of the individuals also collect those coins as a hobby.

Many of the coin making companies had assessed this whole scenario with diligence and now they are making some special custom coins for those special events. Customers can also choose the size and the color of their challenge coins as per their own desire.

Whenever a company, academic institute or an NGO wants to create some sort of custom challenge coins they usually present the idea of the designer, after that the designer work on the appearance of the coin once, he gets a suitable design he has just presented it to the customer and after customer approval the coin manufacturing companies manufacture them. The price of each custom coin varies, but usually it’s not more than just a few dollars between $3 to $5.

Memorial Day Coins In The Memory Of Died Militants Of American Army

Memorial Day is an important day in American history. Many people celebrate it with great devotion because some of them are children or grandchildren of those soldiers who died in the war. Most other people also celebrate with the same dedication as their own relatives died in the war. They want to tribute their bravery and bring alive their memories once again.

Memorial Day has very interesting history. It was first called as ‘Decoration Day’ which later changed to ‘Memorial Day’ after congress passed the bill. Many Americans and other people from all over the world observe this day with great respect. This shows their dedication towards their beloved country. It is usually observed on the last Monday in the month of May. It was earlier observed on 30th May, but them congress passed a bill to move it to the last Monday of the May so that people can have a long weekend of three days.

Challenge coins are also issued on this occasion to show how eagerly you remember the sacrifice of those brave soldiers. Challenge coins are a special kind of medals that display a special message. Whatever reason you want them to use for, there will be one coin for you as well. The reason is there are many companies that produce them. You will find a couple of them online. Most of them are doing a great job. The competition is high so you will get good coins on reasonable price. Already the price per coin is not too much, so it is a good idea to observe this day with your favorite coins. You can buy them, collect them and also gift to your loved ones.

Different bands arrange concerts on this day to pay tribute to the brave souls. They sing songs full of emotions to tribute them. Thousands of people attend those concerts. Tickets are kept economical because of the sensitivity of the event. On this day, the American flag is raised to the highest position. Then it is lowered to the mid position until it is the time of mid-day, and after that the flag is again raised to the full position to observe the day with great enthusiasm.

Custom Challenge Coins

People order their own coins. These coins are called personalized coins. They use those coins for gifting their relatives, friends, and other acquaintances to celebrate the event together. Sometimes, these coins are also gifted a few days before the actual event to invite the relatives or friends to your own pace. These coins are also gifted in special boxes, cases and pouches made with leather, wood, plastic and glass. These cases keep the coins safe. The person may wear the coin for one day and then keep it with great care for the entire life.

On this special national day, these coins are also produced for coin collectors. They are enthusiastic people who want to make every event a memorable one. For this purpose, they collect coins. Coin manufacturing companies issue collectable coins on every special event. You can, however, book your order of bulk purchase too.

US Flag Day Challenge Coins

Us-Day-Flag-CoinUS Flag Day is an important day in the USA’s history. The day is celebrated to show love towards the flag of the USA. This day is celebrated on 14th June every year. People gather at a decided place and raise the flag. They feel happy for their flag. Patriot songs are sung, and food is eaten together. It is always a scene of the party. The design of the flag was adopted on 14th June. This is also the anniversary of Army establishment. The congress declared it a formal day back in 1777. There are many evidences when the event was celebrated. The historical literature tells in detail about it. However, very first time, US Flag Day was celebrated in 1777. The day shows the strength of the entire nation. They show the entire America is just one unit. They have the same thoughts and ideas about life and their surroundings. They want to do well for their country. To celebrate this special day in even exclusive way, each American needs a challenge coin. Challenge coins are a particular kind of medals with specific information about the event being celebrated. These coins are special in many ways. One is its price. Price wise challenge coins are an excellent tool for any kind of celebrations. One coin costs less than a dollar. Only fancy challenge coins come in a few dollars. However, this is a personal choice. If you are not very selective about the design and making of the coins, you can choose one design from several hundred options to buy them in a few cents per piece.

The first appearance of challenge coins is found in 1914 during World War 1. At that time, USA used them for the first time. Air Force of USA employed these coins for membership purpose. Soon, the popularity of coins increased and many individuals and companies utilized them for their own kind of purposes. One of those main reasons is celebrated. These coins are used for celebrating almost every event of the world.

The main kind of challenge coin that is issued on the occasion of US Flag Day is a coin with the picture of the flag. Each coin holds big sized flag image to show the event. In addition, some other important information is also printed on the coins. This may include the year of celebration, a number of US Flag Day, a saluting guy, etc. All these gestures show the event.

Us Flag DayMost probably, the first Flag Day in United States of America was celebrated in Waubeka, Wisconsin. In this place, there is a school called Stony Hill School. History says that was the first place where primary Flag Day was celebrated with the complete formal environment. First time American accepted the flag with stripes and stars. These days, all government organizations at least celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. Every person wears the flags in any way. The easiest and most cost effective way is making challenge coins. Different ceremonies are organized to celebrate the say. At the start of the ceremony, these coins are distributed among the participants. Sometimes, the coins are given away at the end of the ceremony to celebrate the Flag Day and the ceremony too.

On this special day, many people buy these coins as collectibles. Some gift the coins to their relatives, friends and other well-known persons.

Coins For Honoring The Best Players Of Champion’s Trophy 2013

award-coinsChallenge coins have remained hit solution for celebrating important events of the world. They are cost effective products to be used for many different purposes or causes. They were first used for membership purpose, but now, they are mostly given as an award to honor the extraordinary work of anybody. Different fields use them for their personal purposes. They use it their way because every organization is different from the other.

Champions trophy is also one of important events celebrated under the governance of ICC (International Cricket Council). This event is yet to start on 6th June in the coming month. This time England is hosting this event. Every year, millions of people buy tickets for watching the matches live. There is also no limit for people sitting at home and watching through their television screens. The event will end on 23rd June with 15 super matches. The schedules are available on the internet. There are many sites that hold this information because they know the world will get crazy for 17 days.

Max-Challenge-CoinsChallenge coins have started to come into the market for this event. There are many companies on the internet that want to cash this valuable event. They know not only ICC will book one of them to produce their custom coins for honoring the best players of Champion’s trophy 2013 but, many common people who come to watch the matches like to wear these coins to show how keen they are about the occasion.

When the use of these coins became famous, many organizations used them for honoring others. The tradition is still going on. ICC will also issue purposeful coins for the players. There are many events when they will need these medals. All the best players including man of the match, best player of the day, best opener, best baller, and all such players will get these medallions for their outstanding performance.

This is the story of the players who are directly linked to the play. But, there are many crazy heads who will go to watch this event. Some will like to enjoy these matches from their home. Whatever the mode of the match watching be, all of them will surely get their coins for this event. People order them for showing they are involved in the event; they will also get it for gifting each other; they will buy a few coins for collecting purposes. For 17,  days, the fun will be in but, the way of celebration will be different for every person.

If you are also looking for such coins, you should use the internet instead of trying other ways. Simply search for required coins and you will get thousands of options. Each coin manufacturing organization has its own collection so, you will feel fun exploring your perfect one. There are also no worries for prices as they start at $3 onwards.

Champions Trophy coins are special purpose coins with specific graphics, text, logo and slogans, etc. When you will see the coin, you will recognize its purpose of creation. This is the beauty of these self-explanatory coins. If there is no picture of bat, ball, pitch, etc. on the coin, how would it make a coin for the Champion’s Trophy? Each team in the tournament has its own coins. You can choose one coin of your favorite team and support it in a silent way.

Branding A Business Or Organization With Military Challenge Coins

alligatorbottle1There are many ways people adapt to brand their businesses. Most of the way is quite costly. If you go for a printed advertisement, you need a company to print your brand name and then promote it. If you go for online advertisement, you still need an online marketing guy to run your campaign successfully. All of these things cost you very much. There is another way most of the people do not think about. That is promoting your business with the help of challenge coins. Challenge coins are a sort of medals that people wear to brand some organization or cause. They are solid medals with a very professional look. The market of challenge coins has expanded quite well, and a lot of companies are working in this field. They are trying to work better thsan their competitors and keep the prices low. Businessmen benefit from it in every way. You can also get your challenge coins to brand your business if you run a business.

The trend is so widely followed that not only small brands are benefiting from this facility, but big brands of the world are also issuing challenge coins to promote their businesses. Some good examples can be Nike, Adidas, Microsoft, McDonalds, KFC, etc. Many other brands that work for social causes prefer this medium. Whenever there is any major event in the world, these coin manufacturing companies produce coins for major brands of the world. People buy them and exchange on those events. Small brands however need to order their personalized coins for celebrating any event.


Make your brand familiar:

When you promote your business, it becomes more popular. More people get to know it, and your overall business grows better. Have you ever thought why people like to go to McDonald instead of any other less familiar food chain? It is because they trust them for their quality. Their promotion has made a good reputation in the market which now grabs customers automatically.

Give your brand a unique name:

If you want to brand your business, try to keep it unique. A different name is an attention grabbing name, so you need to think a little before you actually keep a name.

The brand name should be simple:

It is better to keep a name that is simple. Such names are more popular with customers because they can memorize it easily. They will love to come to you again.

Challenge coins are cost effective solution:

From very small to huge businesses, everyone likes to promote through challenge coins. They are not heavy on your pocket. In a few dollars, you can have hundreds of them.

Ease of use:

They are easy to use. First it was military that utilized them, but now the entire world is using them for every kind of event. These coins can be gifted or presented on a great achievement. In all cases of the celebrations, they prove promoting your brand because the name of your brand will be mentioned on them.

Anybody can wear:

“These challenge coins with your unique brand name can be given to anybody that you think can help promote your business”. Your employees are the best carriers. But, you can also give them to your customers to promote your business in every house. This is the example of multiplying your business customers.

Challenge Coins Are Given as Reward for Martyrdom

To die for the sake of the nation is the noblest act of the human being especially of a soldier. Obviously, the soldiers get commissioned in the armed forces to protect his/her country from the enemy. From the first day he joins, he has been motivated to offer his life for his soul and he does so.

Challenge Coins Collection

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To salute the fighters, forces have arranged to reward them not only in their lives but also after they die performing an immortal bravery effort. Different kinds of awards are presented in all the units of the armed forces all over the world.

One common practice which is exercised almost round the globe is the use of Challenge Coins as rewards. Various, types, colors, designs, and shapes challenge coins are produced by the coin manufacturing units as per the specifications of the troops.

The history of these challenge coins is also associated with the armed forces as well. So this is traditionally correct that challenge coins are initially used as medals and medallions by U.S. forces.

If we have a glimpse of the World War1 (1912-1918), will get the right information about the beginning of the challenge coins. An Allied Force officer had approved a law for all the pilots to have a gold plated bronze coin with them. One of the pilots folded that coin in a leather pouch and put it around his neck.

Unfortunately, the same pilot had been shot down by the Germans. They arrested him and took each and every possession away he kept with him. The particular coin was overlooked by the enemy. By some tactics, the pilot managed to escape from the prison and reached the boundary line. He disguised himself as common civilian. One French security officer of the Allied Forces stopped the pilot and asked him to prove his identity. The air force officer showed his coin which was the proof of his unit membership. The French security officer recognized the coin and let him get through the security barrier. After that incident, all the soldiers were advised to keep that particular coin as an identification of his/her unit.

Moreover, huge demand of different kinds of the coins had been seen from the forces. As a result an industry of coin manufacturing cane into existence. Growing demands from all over the world of variety of coins, led that industry flourish within a short span of time. Initially coin manufacturing units were established in U.S; but within 2 decades, the industry spread out throughout the world. In 1995, CCC, a Challenge Coin Company has been established. And it had become a multimillion-dollar business these days.

Challenge Coins as a reward for martyrdom, in my opinion is the best use of them. A family who receives that reward possesses it with pride and faith without shedding a single tear after accepting the reality that they could not be able to see their beloved ones who have presented their lives for the sake of a Nobel task and became immortal.

Show School Spirit with Custom Challenge Coins

Scholastic institutions use a variety of ways to promote themselves. Traditional and popular methods have been to use clothing, coffee mugs, and pens with a logo of the respective school. Custom challenge coins are the newest marketing idea to arrive on the scene. Creating your own custom challenge coin is perfect for promoting your institution and offers a unique idea of marketing that pens, clothing and mugs fail to achieve. If you are an academic professional such as a teacher, professional, or administrator, look no further.

Give them something to remember and talk about

Challenge Coins For All

Coins Making

Challenge coins originally started out in the military as a way to honor soldiers and were rewarded when certain tasks and missions were carried out and successfully completed. Challenge coins are the perfect gift to hand out to athletes after winning a major game, boosting morale. It is definitely something that athletes can look back to and remember when they look at  their awarded challenge coin as it sits next to a newly won trophy. Custom challenge coins fully customizable and are easy to create.  They can be created in various shapes and sizes and can use a plethora of colors. Both sides of the coin can be minted as well.

We have had the pleasure of creating a custom medallion challenge coin for Colgate University’s graduation ceremony for their students. Looking at the picture, we can see a loop up top, for the ribbon to go through for the medallion portions. The medallion challenge coin also has a dark looking antique finish which is a very popular option. On the front side we see the prestigious Colgate University logo, in the back displaying a custom message.


The Colgate University graduation medallion challenge coin is the ideal example of what happens when the perfect artistic ideas join in harmony to create a design that is appealing. There are no limits to the imagination. Whether one color is used, or none. Whether the coin is to be shaped like a football, or shaped into the figure of a lion. There truly is a multitude of ways to personalize your challenge coin. The sky is the limit !


Custom minted challenge coins serve as memorable thank you gift to everyone from students to teachers and staff. Custom challenge coins help foster recognition, achievement, and boost morale. They are also a fantastic way to thank corporate sponsors for their donations and funding.

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We at MAX Challenge can assist you in creating a unique memorable product. Call one of our friendly consultants today to see how you can create your own custom challenge coin with ease ! We offer free artwork and free revisions to make sure that we perfect the design that you are looking to achieve.

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Military Challenge Coins Presentation

Custom Military CoinsThe military challenge coins presentation is based on the fact of how it is being used. There are several people who know that these coins are awarded to the brave and gallant soldiers for their extraordinary efforts. These challenge coins are special and they are presented to the extra special officers who did extraordinary stuff for their country and for the people of their country. These officers are then presented with gold or platinum coins in special ceremonies that are arranged out of the ordinary in a special setup.

Special ceremonies arrange for the presentation of the coins to the brave soldiers. Many soldiers are presenting themselves while others who could not survive and earned martyrdom; their families and parents are present to collect their awards on their behalf.

The Military Challenge Coins presentation is a big issue when such special people are to be awarded by them. These coins are ordered with the special inscriptions and along with them a lot of time is spent on the way they are to be presented. The special boxes and their special covers are discussed in detail with the mints as usually the mints arrange the presenting boxes along with the coins according to the special size of them.

Secret Behind To Success of Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

At the very start when Military Challenge Coins were introduced, they were just an ordinary part of the uniform. Later, when a soldier succeeded in escaping from the enemy’s place to his motherland, they become very popular. At the start, they were only used by the military. The military had its own norms and values of carrying military challenge coins.

All of them made sure that a particular soldier is wearing his military challenge coins by a special game which was a part of the military life. The game is still alive and has also expanded outside military. In the game one soldier asks the other to produce the coin. If the military challenge coins are present with the other soldier, he wins. Otherwise he loses and the challenger wins. This game is still a fun part of military and many other organizations. However, different organizations have set their own rules because they can’t follow the much disciplined life of the military. The rules are as it is in the military as they used to be.

This is the reason of success of military challenge coins. It develops a sense of responsibility in every person. It teaches the discipline. It also boosts the moral of the wearer because he feels he is a part of some big cause. And mostly military challenge coins have their own fascinations because they are related to the military life which everyone dreams of.

There is also another rule in military about military challenge coins. Soldiers cannot make modifications in the appearance of the coin. They cannot make holes into the coin to hang it. They cannot wear them in a way that their military challenge coins may deface. Actually defacing coins means it cannot be called a military challenge coin in the future. Defacing is strictly prohibited. Military challenge coins cannot be hung with belt buckles. It is also prohibited to make key chains of military challenge coins. These things may ruin them. Any coin which has defaced will no longer be known as military challenge coin.

In the history, pilots used to wear the military challenge coins by keeping them in a pouch around the neck. Pewter is the simplest way of military challenge coins finish. The other finishes for military challenge coins reaches for gold plated military challenge coins too.

Max Challenge Coins


Military Challenge Coins have their own finishes so they are available in a few metals like brass, copper, bronze, nickel, etc. With gold or silver plating to make them unique, special and specific. These military challenge coins are available in many shapes like round, oval, multifaceted, rectangle, star, etc. In fact, military challenge coins can take any shape of customer’s choice. Although, the manufacturing companies keep their own collections which people can choose from, but the customer can give his own unique ideas to manufacture their personalized military challenge coins.

Military challenge coins are very cost effective item which people today gift to each other. The trend of collecting military challenge coins is also getting strength.