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The Best Place To Buy Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge CoinsChallenge coins are sold widely throughout the world. There are many companies that produce these coins. All of them are giving tough time to each other. Each has to prove the best possible quality yet keeping the prices low to attract customers. These factors are very well appreciated by the customers. Most of the manufacturers are from a military background. They know the importance of these custom challenge coins, and they know how to produce them well. However, there are other people too. Challenge coins are so popular nowadays that people love to give them as a gift or collect them. They make huge collection that they show to their friends and family with great pride.

The benefits of internet:

The internet has expanded so well that you do not need to follow traditional ways of shopping in which you had to come out of your house, use your car, spend petrol, spend time and then get the desired product. Now people have become smart. They know how to buy things effectively online. They know they will get their products at their doorsteps. This is made further easier with the advent of mobile commerce. Now people buy their desired products and services from their mobile phones. This is the fastest and most reliable way of trend.

Search in Google:

You can search your desired products at Google. You will get a lot of results. The top ten results are the most suitable ones. The results are considered to be authentic because Google keeps on updating its search algorithms very often. This has improved a lot with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. You can consider those companies. Explore them and see what they charge for one coin. Make a list and compare their prices and services. Quality matters a lot so, do not forget it while selecting your company.

Custom Challenge Coins_780x90

Coin manufacturing companies

Good companies offer good prices and give maximum possible quality. They will give you some free facilities to make your work easy. For example, some of those companies provide up to seven free colors. The price of these seven colors is included in the original price per piece. However, if you want extra rainbow pattern coins, you can augment more colors with minimal price added.

Many companies will also give you the facility of design revisions. There are many such things like free shipping, discounts, special promotions, etc. that you will find when you will explore the profiles of those companies.

For selecting a company, you have to be careful. Check the online reputation of the company. How old is it? Its business experience. Especially what people are saying about it? This is possible with testimonial section. These pieces of words are posted by real customers. Read their experience with the company and you will find ease in selecting one company. Most of the time, the companies are run by retired military persons. They are a good option to select because military persons know the depth of the coins. They know how to keep standards of a good coin. They have used them throughout their career, so they know well about them.

Select a company that can cater your needs. Some of these companies provide excellent customer service. You can also talk freely about any question that comes into your mind. Then, give them your design and let them produce your very unique coins for you. Best of luck with your searches!!

How To Bring Life Into Your Military Challenge Coin Design

One of the features that everybody loves about challenge coins is their versatility and variety. They have such huge variety which is hard to find in any other promotion tool. Everybody can have his unique coins with personalized design. Literally, that will be the only design in the world. No other similar design will be present on the earth until you copy and tailor a design. Butt, original designs are always the one in the world. This gives the business owner a pride.

You can bring life to your design if you go the right way. The overall look of the coin should be professional. You have many elements to play with to create your most favorite coin. These may include the shape, size, arrangement of the elements, special effects, color scheme, etc. All such things can put life into your design.

Designing a coin:

proof-2 (2)

Designing a coin is not an easy task. Not everyone can do it. Special professionals with exclusive training do it for customers. The area of the coin is small unlike brochures where you can write long stories. There are a few words and a few images with color combination that have to express purpose of the coin creation. This makes it a little tricky to design a coin.

A coin’s design must easily reflect the purpose of its creation. Why you have created it and who is going to wear it? There is the special theme behind every coin, so follow it to let your coin really express your heart’s words.

“The colors of the coins are important because they are the real expression. You should be very careful about the combination. You can try different versions of color combination to reach the excellent results.”

Shape is another important factor you should consider. More complex shapes are hard to design. But, interestingly, they are liked by many people. People prefer them over simple round shapes. Especially, they are hit among the community of people who like to collect the coins.

There are other special effects that bring life toy our design. These may include 3D effect, the edges of the coin, coating, etc. All these factors make your coins stand out of others.

This is a time tracking method, so you have to show patience. Trying different combinations need time. If you are a passionate, this is fun activity too.

Various ways of designing:



There are many ways you can design your custom challenge coins. One way is to surf a site and find the most appropriate design for your company. Now, change the elements with your personalized data and you will end up with a unique design. You can add or omit any element you need.

The other way is to ask a professional design your coin. In such case,  you will tell him your requirements and your choice of how elements should be placed on the coin. Many of the companies that produce coins have their own professional designers who can design a coin for you. Amazingly, they allow you to change the design until you find a perfect one. You can change that any number of times. If you have the passion of designing your coin on your own, you can design it with your hand and send the final design for production. Many things count in the design.



To design your coins, you need either an excellent esthetic sense or ask a professional to do it on your behalf. There are a lot of things that need consideration in designing your coins. However, overall esthetic sense and creativity is the essence of the entire process.

Promoting The Players And Games Through Challenge Coins


It is not easy these days to maintain the pressure of all the big brands coming in for the same kind of stuff. There is a lot of competition, and it is very hard to manage the things according to the need of the time. Most people go after brands and the way they are promoted. There are a lot of people who know how the different things are managed; these include the setting up of different tournaments and managing of the players. When games are newly introduced to a town, the interest of the people need to be developed in the game. The best players are advertised, and the public is invited to come and view their game. The best way to advertise about the different games is through promotional challenge coins. These promotional challenge coins are used to promote the different players and how they play. The fans and lovers of the players gather the different coins and feel proud to be having the different coins of their favorite players with them. At times, special schemes are set up; whoever would collect five coins would get the ticket in the front row of the game. It is a good idea to manage things according to the schemes so that more and more people get attracted towards the game. The youth plays a vital part in the promotion of such things. There are several men who want to promote new players and to do, so they get special coins minted for the sake of the players.


These coins are given out for free with some shopping or on purchasing tickets for the game. It is quite helpful to promote games and players. These coins are not made up of expensive metals. They are made in nickel or copper and to give them a better look an epoxy coating is done over them so that they look better, attractive and shiny. The rates of these coins are not very high, and on the minting of these coins in a large number the price per piece lower down.

Personalized Coins Are A Part Of The Coin Culture That Has Come Up

The emergence of the coin culture was not all of a sudden. It had emerged since the First World War and gradually the whole system was managed within very less time. All those people who have been managing the different set up that includes the minting of such coins, and then giving them out on special occasions is what has become crafted and very much in fashion.

Custom Coins

Such coins have become a fashion icon and a fashion symbol for all those who want something new and trendy on Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, Christmas or any other occasions. There are many people who know that there has to be a special way to overwhelm their guests. They should have a special trademark which would represent their way of arranging parties. There are several people who are associated with the fact that they can manage to get a lot of different foods and other stuff on their parties, but they would definitely try to get something done differently which would usually be in the form of special coins.

custom coinsThe most common thing about personalizing coins is that the couple that gets married gets special coins minted for all those who would be attending the wedding. They would make sure that each guest gets a coin which has a picture of the bride and groom along with the date of their marriage and their vows on the back. These coins are quite larger in size than the money coins. Minting of these coins can be expensive as well as quite cheap. There are many people who have been managing to get these coins done in gold, copper or silver; there have been others who have been managing the coins in platinum. These people are definitely those who are filthy rich or they are only getting a few coins minted. On the other hand, there are other people who just want something different, and for this purpose they get these coins minted in aluminum and bronze only, like the money coins. These coins would last as long as any other coin, but they obviously fade out as the metal is not that fine. To make them last longer an addition of epoxy coating is good. The idea of having coins personalized for your special party is great. You can have everything you want for yourself, in very less time. The mints offer to get your coins shipped to your door step within two weeks of your order. Similarly, the idea and the finalizing of the coin needs to be done, once it is finalized then the minting is not a big issue. When choosing your design, make sure that you keep your budget in mind to avoid trouble later.

The idea of personalizing coins has not been as great as it seems it is not a good idea to have a personal coin for a small ceremony as it would be quite costly. There are several things that need to be kept in mind when choosing a good system of management for oneself. Coins should not be too expensive, and they should be exquisite all the while. The main aim of having a personalized coin should not be forgotten when the design of it is being chosen.

Custom Coins For Father’s day

father's-day-coinsA father is always son’s hero. The world celebrates the Father’s Day to show how many people love their father. Fathers are very important part of life. They are big shelter and a support for lifelong. The importance of fathers is so crucial that it has become a worldwide event. Every year, Fathers’ Day is celebrated throughout the world. This has declared as commercial event. Numerous countries celebrate the event with great love for fathers. This event is celebrated to show fathers how much important they are and what their children think about them.

Father’s Day is observed on 3rdSunday of June. However, first time it was celebrated in United States of America in the start of 20th century. One great way of celebrating this event is wearing Father’s Day challenge coins. There is another way of gifting those coins to your father. Whatever be the way of celebration, you can buy these coins easily at any store that manufactures challenge coins. These special purpose coins are usually round shape. But, there are other shapes too. You can order any kind of shape

There are lots of other items in the market for gifting to your father but all of them cost you many dollars. They include cards, clothes, bags, shoes but all of them need hundreds of dollars. There are challenge coins that cost less than a dollar. Yet they are complete kind of gift. When you present them into a fancy case, they make the perfect gift.

Fathers-Day-CoinsChallenge coins are very durable item. There are many safety cases available in the market. They can save the coin for a long time. Sometimes, these coins last for a lifetime. These coins are hard to get defaced when kept in safety pouches or boxes. Several boxes, cases, and pouches are ready to pick on various sites. A lot of such coin manufacturers are doing great business on the internet. Since the quality of these coins is high and the price is low, they are becoming high in demand. To cop this demand, many manufacturers produce these coins before important events. ”On Father’s Day, you can see thousands of different designs available on those sites. The choice is entirely yours. You can pick any coins ad order right away. You can also gift those coins to other family members, especially siblings, to celebrate your special Father’s Day.”

If you surf those sites and feel unable to decide one design, you can also tell the designers your own unique idea. Those designers are not like other designers. Designing a challenge coin is a special process that only experts of the field can do. These designers are working professionally with those companies. You can share what is your way of expression. You can explain what comes into your mind. They can make any design according to the customer’s needs. They also produce special coins for other related occasions like Mother’s Day, Brother’s Day, Sister’s Day, Wife’s Day, etc. These occasions are also celebrated with the same enthusiasm and love.

Every year, millions of such coins are sold worldwide. Many companies deliver coins worldwide. They may charge an extra fee for sending coins to foreign places. Most of The companies deliver coins free of cost to various local areas. It is better to select a company that can produce high quality coins for your Father’s Day and deliver free within your area.

Memorial Day in US and Challenge Coins

Custom memorial medallions

Memorial Day is a special day which took place every year in honor of Union soldiers, who died during the American civil war. This day is notable for all because on this day,  those people who died in war or military actions or tasks are being honored (men and women).

This day is also called Decoration Day; this name was given to this day after World War 2. In the past,  this particular day was being held on 30 May of every year. But in 1968 a bill named Uniform Holidays Bill got passed, in which it was said that federal holidays move to three-day weekends. According to this bill the Memorial Day had to be held on the last Monday of May every year.

memorial day coinsSo the Memorial Day is in fact a federal day all offices, schools, business and all other working activities of life are closed on this day. Moreover, public transports also do not run on this particular day. On this day,  many people go to cemeteries and memorials too as to honor their loved ones and show how much they respect them.

On Memorial Day,  the flag of United State stays half mast till noon as it is the tradition. Many people put flags on the graves of the national heroes, to show honor to them, and this is done on the voluntarily bases. By the passage of time this Memorial Day has become less of a memorial day, it’s more like a holiday or day to go for a picnic, or get together. Traditionally this day is being seen as an event shows the start of the summer season and other cultural events too. It is the tradition of the day that people have to wear white clothing, shoes as for the day. But as time pass by people don’t follow this tradition now. But the tradition of parades still follows in different cites of US. The largest parade takes place in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

Memorial Day and challenge coins have associated with each other. As the Memorial Day is held to honor and regard those who die for the betterment of the country, and challenge coins are the honoring sign for those who worked well and achieve them. These challenge coins are benchmarks of different organizations. The concept of challenge coins stared from the World War 1. These coins show that a history of the achievements of a person. These coins exist in a society with different shapes, themes, designs colors and made of different materials.

Custom Memorial CoinsThere are a different challenge coins in the US which are given to those who are honored in their particular field. Such as; D-Day Memorial: It is made to the honoring World War 2 veterans. War Kids Relief: A cause worked for the relief of the kids who were found in war, so, this coin came into existence.

Some other names of famous coins are, “Tribute to a Navy Seal Neil Roberts”, “Karno Kids/Dean Karnazes”, “Fallen Heroes Memorial coins”. There are so many more challenge coins used by different organizations. So, Memorial Day in US and challenge coins have close affiliation as both have an association with the honor of national heroes.

It’s Important To Update Designer Guide to Uniqify The Coins

It is important to have a mint owner or a designer guide you throughout the whole system of management. All those people who have been managing things on their own know that they would not get the desired results, so the best thing to do is to do association with a good mind. They have all kinds of details regarding the metal and how much would the minting of a specific number of coins would cost them. It has been seen that the large number of coins that are minted are less in cost than the lesser number, which cost higher. The metal prices down as all the coins are different, and they need to be seen for what they are being minted for.


When coins are customized, the main aim has to be kept in view. The logo or words that are being minted on it should be kept in mind so that nothing goes wrong. The logo should be such that it should serve its purpose immediately. There should be almost zero negative traits of the logo. The fact that the logo should be eye catching is very important. It is necessary to have a lasting effect of the coin as soon as the viewer sets eyes on it. The coin should not only be worn for the sake fashion but also for a vision, a message that can be easily sent through because of it.

create coins4People make their own coins sitting at home. They use crafting clay and bringing it into the shape; they model coins and paint them. Once these are shaped as coins and painted, they are baked to make them last longer. This can be easily done at home. Using miner moulding and other designing things, one can easily manage to mint such challenge coins that are a part of the campaign or interest of different things. Clay coins are much cheaper than metal coins; they can be made at home and in very less time. All those trying to get a better system of management for the cheapest coins should opt for them.

“Now a Days” The Challenge Coins Purposes are Getting Expand

police-challenge-coinsToday, these coins have their own purposes. They have broken the boundaries of military only use. They have also included in the lives of everyday persons. Now, many organizations use them for their own kind of purposes. It is reported that these coins are also used to mark daily attendance. But, they need to be special purpose coins. They have to hold membership identification to mark membership. All such elements are infused in a coin at the time of manufacturing. These are designers who know how to fit those special elements in coin to give it beauty and also make it capable enough to serve the purpose. Customized coins are affordable coins because the price is in your hand. You can increase and decrease elements to tackle its price. You can also make a coin very economical.

All these factors are important in making your coin personalized.

When you want to gift those coins, you can add fancy elements. Special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. come after many days in a year. You can keep your budget reasonable to decorate your events. When these coins are presented at special events, they are presented in special cases.


Each coin has its own metal. Usually the coins are produced with many different metals including copper, bronze, iron, steel, etc. You can choose one metal to customize your coin. The coin’s customization also depends on the number of colors it is using. Usually all coin manufacturing companies give up to seven free colors. If some person has epical requirements, he will have to pay for extra colors added.

Keep Your Challenge Coins With You For Years

custom coins for rewardThe rewards are special for every human being. When somebody gets any award or any other source of appreciation, he wants it to last forever. This is because the feelings associated with those awards are unexplained. The similar case is also true for challenge coins. Challenge coins are also special kinds of medals that are presented to a person on various occasions. They have proved as best awards, but they also serve many other purposes. They are given as a membership coin. Each member of a special organization or a group should wear it to show which group or purpose he is serving. These medals are also given as reminders. When some group is on a special mission, they are given to the entire team before the mission starts. At the end of the mission, either each medal is taken back and decorated in the organization or given to the members permanently to remind about the mission. It is also possible that on completion, each member gets an additional coin as a ward. Hence, there are a lot of variations of these coins. They serve a lot of purposes. The variety is huge which makes the selection of one coin very difficult task.


These coins are made of metal. It means they will last for various years. But, like every other thing on earth, it wears out if special care is not given to it. Special care is needed to make it last for years. Some of the coin owners have kept them for a lifetime. They know how to keep them safe in special cases. These cases are easily available in the market. Particularly, the coin manufacturing companies also produce them. They are also popular products because they help saving your precious coins.


Like challenge coins, the price per safety case is also very low. You can also buy it along with the coins. It is better that you order them altogether. When you buy them together, you might get a little discount on all the products together. These cases are produced to fit your coins. Each size has its own case that you can order on the sites who produce coins. Online search is a good option. You will get a lot of companies who produce these cases.

Award Custom Coins for SaleThese cases come in a variety of materials. They start from ordinary plastic cases to multi dollar fancy cases. They are made with plastic, fabric, wood, and stones. Some of The fancy cases are used for gifting these coins. They are a little expensive, but all of other simple cases are very economical in prices.

There are many sorts of cases available in the market. They include, from single coins to multiple coin holders. There are also pouches that are used to save coins. You can either put the coin in separate plastic bag and then put in a pouch or put it directly. The simplest form of these safety courses is a plastic bag.  This is a plastic bag that is available in many sizes. Its size varies with the coin’s size.

When you have your coins saved for years, you can be tension free to hold such precious awards for a long period of time. You will always remember the time you spent being a part of a positive cause. This is the pride of a soldier. He is proud of his collection because each coin has a story of bravery behind it.

Challenge Coins Honoring Firefighters and Police Officers

The challenge coins are also given to fire fighters and police officers as an honor for their brave services through out their career for the public. Fire fighting is a very daring job. The life of the fire fighter is at risk when he purposely jumps into the fire to save the life of the others who stuck in it. Fires break out at all the times of the day and night and these brave fire fighters have to run to save their lives without the issue of time or fear. The fear of fire is great, and it takes a lot of courage to help others while risking not only your life, but also your looks which are at a much higher risk. For such daring fire fighters the firefighter challenge coins are specially ordered and given to them as a token of their bravery.

Police Challenge Coins

Custom Police Coins

Same is the case with police officers; they have to fight crime and criminals at all the odd times of the day and night during which many get injured out of which several injuries are such that leave their marks and affects on the body for life. Such loyal officers are awarded with special honor challenge coins for their extra ordinary efforts in risking their lives for the safety of the public. Challenge coins are also awarded to the family of those officers, get martyred during any kind of fight. Most of the challenge coins are the typical bronze coins that are a given to the brave officers. Each department gets his own logo and inscriptions with date or the day of the accident mentioned on the coin.

Firefigther Challenge Coins

Firefigther Challenge Coins

The coins are beautiful in color, and, the logo and monogram on the coins show the departments’ courage and bravery. The challenge coins that are awarded for bravery cannot be with every officer as they are presented only to those who have committed some daring acts. Coins are also part of the military uniform,  it is supposed to be kept in such a way that it is not visible to the public in any way. The challenge coins are a good way to commemorate the services of the brave officers who go through tough training which is done through the toughest of routines and the officers get tough by following it. How ever it should be known that these officers are human beings, and they have feelings as well, they can feel pain and everything in the same way. all the officers when away from home and family and friends may at times feel so low and helpless that they have no way out, at such times the prayers written on the challenge coins are there to boost their morale and fight back and come back even from the worst of situations.