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Challenge Coins Collection and Their Shapes & Uses

Challenege Coins

Military Challenge CoinsCustom challenge coins are minted in several different shapes, colors, designs and metals. The military coins are usually in the original copper, nickel and other alloy colors. This is a good way to show the owner of  it and the worth of it. It is very important for everyone  to know that the challenge coins are worth “the weight and the metal” only. If it’s shape is altered, they would be of no use. Those have to be in their original shape to be passed on or used in any way. Just like the money coins, the worth of a half pence would be half pence even if its shape is altered.

However, if they are not made up of any heavy metal would be worthless once its shape is altered. There are many people who own a large collection of them. The people know the importance of them, and also know, how important these are and what their worth is. The large collection of these coins is kept in specially made boxes which show both sides by being set up in such a way. There are special albums that are made. The people who love to collect know, how important it is for the different brands to have colorful coins for their esteemed customers. It helps in getting a better system of management for all those who do not know how to promote their newly set up business in a different and unique way.

Challenge Coins

Interesting Facts About Custom Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a sort of medal that anybody can wear as the identification of some organization or a cause. They have different standard sizes with several decoration options. Most amazingly, the prices of these Award Challenge Coins are not very high. This is one of the major reasons why these coins became so popular and why their popularity is still increasing.

A challenge coin is considered a true coin if it is worn as it is. If there is some other way adopted for wearing them, they no longer belong to challenge coin category. For example, a hole in the coin is not acceptable. The coin will turn into ordinary medal. It will not be called a challenge coin.

Challenge CoinA challenge coin must be present with the owner all the time. It is their dignity and respect to carry them all the time. It shows your behavior how important those coins are for you. The tradition of holding them with a soldier all the time started when a soldier accidently saved his life due to the coins. An American soldier of the Air Force was shot down by the enemies. They announced the punishment and were about to execute the trial when they saw the coin which hold the important information about the soldier’s country. The soldier was sent back to his country with respect. After this incident, the compulsion of wearing the coins all the time started. The tradition is still alive to date.

Future of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Coins Guidlines

Challenge coin is the type of custom coins that are usually used as medals. These kinds of custom coins are there in business for decades. These medals attained their importance in the era of World War 1 at that time usually only the military people wear them. Such medal represents the mission they are working on. Those coins were only used by armed forces for acknowledging or admiring someone work. These medals were considered as the symbol of bravery and courage. After that they were also getting famous among public service departments as well, as they are the people who risked their lives for the public in general.  In previous years we have seen that these coins were also used by governments as an award to those peoples who had devoted themselves to a particular good cause. But now we can see that these custom challenge coins are not only being used by the military, public service departments or the government but also by some of the big organizations. Organizations are giving these coins for various purposes for instance they are giving it to their most talented employees for the sake of award, they are also giving it to some of the speakers to admire their presence. The organizations also used these kinds of coins to promote an upcoming event or run a promotional activity; employees also wear them to represent their organization in some public fairs.

Various churches and NGOs also use these custom challenge coins to serve a noble cause such kind of coins have some pictures and a slogan that represent the particular organization and it was designed in such a particular manner that it will not affect the theme of designing it.  Many Academic institutes also give these custom challenge coins to its remarkable students as a symbol of excellence, these coins serve as an honor to those students who had shown marvelous results in their academic career. The idea of whole custom challenge coins is getting popular among the general public as well. It has been evidenced that lots of families admire to exchange the custom challenge coins with one another to make the event memorable.  These events include, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Veterans day and etc.. Many of the individuals also collect those coins as a hobby.

Many of the coin making companies had assessed this whole scenario with diligence and now they are making some special custom coins for those special events. Customers can also choose the size and the color of their challenge coins as per their own desire.

Whenever a company, academic institute or an NGO wants to create some sort of custom challenge coins they usually present the idea of the designer, after that the designer work on the appearance of the coin once, he gets a suitable design he has just presented it to the customer and after customer approval the coin manufacturing companies manufacture them. The price of each custom coin varies, but usually it’s not more than just a few dollars between $3 to $5.

Custom Challenge Coins For Overall Improved Performance

In today’s world, custom challenge coins have come out from the boundaries of the military. They are now favored by semi-government, government, non-government organizations and private organizations. All of them are looking for their custom challenge coins to celebrate their events with the same dignity as the soldiers of the Army do.

airport-terminal-coinsThis is a small round piece of metal with meaningful text on it which is simply meant to convey the main purpose of its manufacturing. People see them and understand why they are built and for what a company they are manufactured. They serve as a self-explanatory tool for viewers. “That is why people say they are great for boosting team spirit”. When many group members wear them together, they fight for the same cause. They hold the same coin. They know the meaning of the message written on it. They know how it is important to achieve that stage. They put their maximum struggle and try to attain the goal with success.

police-challenge-coinsCustom challenge coins have their own charm. The interesting thing about these coins is that they are unique for every organization. The feel of having a unique coin is very delightful because the same coin is hard to find anywhere else. Each organization has its own purposes, and so are their coins. Each coin is designed to carry the main logo, slogan, mission statement, etc. to make the coins personalized. This is how each coin is different from others. Coin manufacturing companies have complete galleries of coins. There are thousands of designs ready to be customized. Each new design with personalized identifications of a specific organization makes it a new design.