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Max Custom Challenge Coins – Better and more reliable

Challenge coins can be traced back to ancient Rome where the soldiers were awarded special coins in recognition of their achievements. However, challenge coins became most popular after World War I in the US. Initially started as a traditional token of identification and loyalty to a particular armed force unit, the challenge coins have come a long way.

Today, challenge coins are used not only by the military units but are increasingly popular among private clubs or academic institutes and other non-profit organizations as well. These are used to remind the holder of the commitment and strength of the group as well as to help build stronger relationships amongst the group members.

Challenge coins – For challenges too

Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are dual in nature. These are used for identification and as a test of loyalty as well. The most popular is for a group member to challenge another member of the group to show the coin. If the challenged group member fails to produce the coin then they can be asked for a round of drinks or to perform a task. This encourages the group members to carry the coin at all times as a show of loyalty to the group.

Custom challenge coins – Unique and Impressive

Custom challenge coins have been popular from decades now. The immense variety and customizing possible for creating a unique design prompts thousands of orders for good quality and durable custom challenge coins to be met every year. This is an easy way to design your own challenge coin which reflects the ideals and actions of your group.

The highly-customizable challenge coins can be crafted from a large variety of conventional and exotic metals to achieve the highest quality in material and design.


Max Custom Challenge Coins – Better and more reliable

With Max Challenge Coins, you are ensured complete customization and the best quality of designer challenge coins at the best price possible.

Challenge Coins Collection and Their Shapes & Uses

Challenege Coins

Military Challenge CoinsCustom challenge coins are minted in several different shapes, colors, designs and metals. The military coins are usually in the original copper, nickel and other alloy colors. This is a good way to show the owner of  it and the worth of it. It is very important for everyone  to know that the challenge coins are worth “the weight and the metal” only. If it’s shape is altered, they would be of no use. Those have to be in their original shape to be passed on or used in any way. Just like the money coins, the worth of a half pence would be half pence even if its shape is altered.

However, if they are not made up of any heavy metal would be worthless once its shape is altered. There are many people who own a large collection of them. The people know the importance of them, and also know, how important these are and what their worth is. The large collection of these coins is kept in specially made boxes which show both sides by being set up in such a way. There are special albums that are made. The people who love to collect know, how important it is for the different brands to have colorful coins for their esteemed customers. It helps in getting a better system of management for all those who do not know how to promote their newly set up business in a different and unique way.

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins And Their Uses

Custom Challenge CoinsCustom challenge coins have been useful for the different sectors of the market and public. There have been several things that have proved to be useful for a better tomorrow. All those people who have a setup that needs to be promoted for new and different things off and on use the help of coins. People give out coins for free at traffic signals to attract public. Others attach themselves to others for a better promotion, giving sale and other purposes.

With the use of challenge coins in the civil sector the basic aim of using them for the military people as a way to encourage, honor and reward the different soldiers has been sidelined in the eyes of the civilians. However they are as useful in the military sector as in the civil departments. The general public has got access to the coins, and there are several people who collect them.

The collection of the different types of coins is worth thousands of dollars. There are others who are aware of the beauty of the coins and they keep designing new coins with different shapes and sizes. The most common is the one that is made in the shape of a bottle opener. They are multi purpose and they provide a great deal of help in advertising and promotion. It is a good idea for all those who are setting up new franchises or new business to promote their business by using unique challenge coins, a new way of advertising.


Custom challenge coins are very beautiful. All those people who have know how of these custom challenge coins and the ones who know their importance know what the important things are. There are many people who are aware of the beauty and the logic of challenge coins. During the past decade, custom coins have become immensely popular.

The people know what importance they hold in the lives of the military people and because of the use of them in every phase of life now, the popularity of these coins has made them very common for promotional themes. There are many people who have been doing a lot of work for the betterment of their department or organization. They have learned that by using beautiful challenge coins they can attract more and more clients. There are many people who know how important it is to have a good backing to compete with the different companies. There are many others who have seen that beautiful and colorful coins prove to be very helpful and attractive especially for children.

Many people have learnt that by attracting children they can attract grownups. The children prove to be great pursuers to do anything while being with their parents. All those people who have been managing the best and the most beautiful coins in very less money are the best in every way. There are others who have been managing things for the betterment of their community and organization both by the minting of special challenge coins in different sizes and shapes.

Interesting Facts About Custom Challenge Coins

A challenge coin is a sort of medal that anybody can wear as the identification of some organization or a cause. They have different standard sizes with several decoration options. Most amazingly, the prices of these Award Challenge Coins are not very high. This is one of the major reasons why these coins became so popular and why their popularity is still increasing.

A challenge coin is considered a true coin if it is worn as it is. If there is some other way adopted for wearing them, they no longer belong to challenge coin category. For example, a hole in the coin is not acceptable. The coin will turn into ordinary medal. It will not be called a challenge coin.

Challenge CoinA challenge coin must be present with the owner all the time. It is their dignity and respect to carry them all the time. It shows your behavior how important those coins are for you. The tradition of holding them with a soldier all the time started when a soldier accidently saved his life due to the coins. An American soldier of the Air Force was shot down by the enemies. They announced the punishment and were about to execute the trial when they saw the coin which hold the important information about the soldier’s country. The soldier was sent back to his country with respect. After this incident, the compulsion of wearing the coins all the time started. The tradition is still alive to date.

Future of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Coins Guidlines

Challenge coin is the type of custom coins that are usually used as medals. These kinds of custom coins are there in business for decades. These medals attained their importance in the era of World War 1 at that time usually only the military people wear them. Such medal represents the mission they are working on. Those coins were only used by armed forces for acknowledging or admiring someone work. These medals were considered as the symbol of bravery and courage. After that they were also getting famous among public service departments as well, as they are the people who risked their lives for the public in general.  In previous years we have seen that these coins were also used by governments as an award to those peoples who had devoted themselves to a particular good cause. But now we can see that these custom challenge coins are not only being used by the military, public service departments or the government but also by some of the big organizations. Organizations are giving these coins for various purposes for instance they are giving it to their most talented employees for the sake of award, they are also giving it to some of the speakers to admire their presence. The organizations also used these kinds of coins to promote an upcoming event or run a promotional activity; employees also wear them to represent their organization in some public fairs.

Various churches and NGOs also use these custom challenge coins to serve a noble cause such kind of coins have some pictures and a slogan that represent the particular organization and it was designed in such a particular manner that it will not affect the theme of designing it.  Many Academic institutes also give these custom challenge coins to its remarkable students as a symbol of excellence, these coins serve as an honor to those students who had shown marvelous results in their academic career. The idea of whole custom challenge coins is getting popular among the general public as well. It has been evidenced that lots of families admire to exchange the custom challenge coins with one another to make the event memorable.  These events include, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Veterans day and etc.. Many of the individuals also collect those coins as a hobby.

Many of the coin making companies had assessed this whole scenario with diligence and now they are making some special custom coins for those special events. Customers can also choose the size and the color of their challenge coins as per their own desire.

Whenever a company, academic institute or an NGO wants to create some sort of custom challenge coins they usually present the idea of the designer, after that the designer work on the appearance of the coin once, he gets a suitable design he has just presented it to the customer and after customer approval the coin manufacturing companies manufacture them. The price of each custom coin varies, but usually it’s not more than just a few dollars between $3 to $5.

Importance of Challenge Coins

The official use of the challenge coin started from World War 1. The need of challenge coins arose due to an aircraft event, and then the issue of identity arose. To tackle this problem, challenge coins came into use by all the military forces to identify their soldiers. Identity is one of the most important elements of the war, and this is possible through challenge coins.

Challenge Coins

If you unable to identify your friend and foe, you can never be able to win the war. In another way,  it is also important to encourage the soldiers and to define the ranks of your soldiers. Now these coins are equally important for businesses as well. These challenge coins are being used to promote the brand and sales of business. Even in the social events, these challenge coins are also used in the place of business cards.

Their most important role can be seen in the businesses in the promotion of their product and brands. The business owners are offering these coins as a gift for those customers who purchase a certain amount of goods from their store. It also works as a reminder for their customer to visit again. It is also easy for a customer to refer your store to any other potential customer who wants to purchase the similar kind of product.

Organizations are also using these challenge coins to appreciate their employees who work hard and total commitment and devotion, and also accomplish their business tasks better than others. Looking this, other employees of the organization work hard to achieve the same reward. In this competitive environment,  the sale of business automatically increases. These challenge coins have become the essential part of business organizations, schools, colleges and being used in almost all the organizations of the world.

Memorial Day Coins In The Memory Of Died Militants Of American Army

Memorial Day is an important day in American history. Many people celebrate it with great devotion because some of them are children or grandchildren of those soldiers who died in the war. Most other people also celebrate with the same dedication as their own relatives died in the war. They want to tribute their bravery and bring alive their memories once again.

Memorial Day has very interesting history. It was first called as ‘Decoration Day’ which later changed to ‘Memorial Day’ after congress passed the bill. Many Americans and other people from all over the world observe this day with great respect. This shows their dedication towards their beloved country. It is usually observed on the last Monday in the month of May. It was earlier observed on 30th May, but them congress passed a bill to move it to the last Monday of the May so that people can have a long weekend of three days.

Challenge coins are also issued on this occasion to show how eagerly you remember the sacrifice of those brave soldiers. Challenge coins are a special kind of medals that display a special message. Whatever reason you want them to use for, there will be one coin for you as well. The reason is there are many companies that produce them. You will find a couple of them online. Most of them are doing a great job. The competition is high so you will get good coins on reasonable price. Already the price per coin is not too much, so it is a good idea to observe this day with your favorite coins. You can buy them, collect them and also gift to your loved ones.

Different bands arrange concerts on this day to pay tribute to the brave souls. They sing songs full of emotions to tribute them. Thousands of people attend those concerts. Tickets are kept economical because of the sensitivity of the event. On this day, the American flag is raised to the highest position. Then it is lowered to the mid position until it is the time of mid-day, and after that the flag is again raised to the full position to observe the day with great enthusiasm.

Custom Challenge Coins

People order their own coins. These coins are called personalized coins. They use those coins for gifting their relatives, friends, and other acquaintances to celebrate the event together. Sometimes, these coins are also gifted a few days before the actual event to invite the relatives or friends to your own pace. These coins are also gifted in special boxes, cases and pouches made with leather, wood, plastic and glass. These cases keep the coins safe. The person may wear the coin for one day and then keep it with great care for the entire life.

On this special national day, these coins are also produced for coin collectors. They are enthusiastic people who want to make every event a memorable one. For this purpose, they collect coins. Coin manufacturing companies issue collectable coins on every special event. You can, however, book your order of bulk purchase too.

The Best Place To Buy Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge CoinsChallenge coins are sold widely throughout the world. There are many companies that produce these coins. All of them are giving tough time to each other. Each has to prove the best possible quality yet keeping the prices low to attract customers. These factors are very well appreciated by the customers. Most of the manufacturers are from a military background. They know the importance of these custom challenge coins, and they know how to produce them well. However, there are other people too. Challenge coins are so popular nowadays that people love to give them as a gift or collect them. They make huge collection that they show to their friends and family with great pride.

The benefits of internet:

The internet has expanded so well that you do not need to follow traditional ways of shopping in which you had to come out of your house, use your car, spend petrol, spend time and then get the desired product. Now people have become smart. They know how to buy things effectively online. They know they will get their products at their doorsteps. This is made further easier with the advent of mobile commerce. Now people buy their desired products and services from their mobile phones. This is the fastest and most reliable way of trend.

Search in Google:

You can search your desired products at Google. You will get a lot of results. The top ten results are the most suitable ones. The results are considered to be authentic because Google keeps on updating its search algorithms very often. This has improved a lot with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. You can consider those companies. Explore them and see what they charge for one coin. Make a list and compare their prices and services. Quality matters a lot so, do not forget it while selecting your company.

Custom Challenge Coins_780x90

Coin manufacturing companies

Good companies offer good prices and give maximum possible quality. They will give you some free facilities to make your work easy. For example, some of those companies provide up to seven free colors. The price of these seven colors is included in the original price per piece. However, if you want extra rainbow pattern coins, you can augment more colors with minimal price added.

Many companies will also give you the facility of design revisions. There are many such things like free shipping, discounts, special promotions, etc. that you will find when you will explore the profiles of those companies.

For selecting a company, you have to be careful. Check the online reputation of the company. How old is it? Its business experience. Especially what people are saying about it? This is possible with testimonial section. These pieces of words are posted by real customers. Read their experience with the company and you will find ease in selecting one company. Most of the time, the companies are run by retired military persons. They are a good option to select because military persons know the depth of the coins. They know how to keep standards of a good coin. They have used them throughout their career, so they know well about them.

Select a company that can cater your needs. Some of these companies provide excellent customer service. You can also talk freely about any question that comes into your mind. Then, give them your design and let them produce your very unique coins for you. Best of luck with your searches!!

Customized Coins for Statehood Day in United States

statehood-coinStatehood Day is an important day in the history of the United States. It was declared to be celebrated when states of America came into being. This is celebrated on different dates. Every state has its own date of independence. They follow their own schedule. Kentucky and Tennessee celebrate them on 1st June every year while Hawaii celebrates on every 3rd Friday of Aug every year.

The day of the week may vary, but the date remains the same. In some states, the date may vary while the day remains the same. However, this is a public holiday. People stay at home and show their love and more typically, patriotism, for their country. They love new states were joined with USA. This expanded their land. They want to celebrate the day of success. That is why they make good level celebrations every year. One way is to celebrate them through challenge coins. Every year, millions of such coins are ordered. Thousands of coin manufacturing companies work harder on this occasion to fulfill the requirements of their customers.


Challenge coins are used for a number of useful reasons worldwide. Many people like them for their variety and choices of customization. Also, the prices are very reasonable. One coin may cost less than a dollar. This is so cheap to make a positive symbol for any event. They are medals, which are created with many metals. Main metals include bronze, steel, iron, copper, nickel, etc. Nowadays, there is fashion of gold or silver plating, which is done when special purpose coins are required. This can be awarding ceremony, somebody’s wedding, or simple purpose of gifting them to others. There is another interesting fact that these coins are produced for every prominent occasion in the world.

Many coin manufacturing companies are working in the industry to serve people with valuable coins. They know the demand will never end. The popularity of this useful tool is increasing with every passing day. In earlier times, these coins were only limited to military use. Every department had its own coins. But, this is about the very early days of coin production. Later, the process speeded up, and almost every type of organization used them to celebrate their events with great style.


statehood-day-coinWhen Statehood Day comes, the demand on the customized challenge coins increase. USA has many states. Every state has its own slogan, logo, text, mission statement, flag, etc. All these things made them separate from each other. When the coins are produced, these identification information is used mainly to make the coins specific for each state.

On this day, people arrange many events to remind of the day of success. Different museums, libraries, etc. arrange functions and people do visit them. They exchange gifts of challenge coins. They wear the coins to show they are also part of the success. Many companies produce these coins for their customers. On such special occasions, the demand is high. You can even get one coin or multiple coins from any site. This depends on your needs. Also, the price per coin is not very high. This also encourages the sale of these coins every year. Each coin is designed to tell the story of success and struggle of how the state came into being. The historical events are also portrayed on the coins to make them more customized and state specific.