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Military Challenge Coins Are Not Limited To The Army Units the Second World War had no boundary, so the troops who fell captive in the territories of enemies or friends are identified by their challenge coins. There is an interesting story in this perspective i.e. An American aircraft had to land in the enemy territory after heavy damage. He was captured by the German patrols. They took off everything in his possession. The pilot managed to escape from the German military camp in civilian get up. But later on he was captured by the French patrols. They considered him a German spy and ordered his execution but luckily the pilot had been left with his challenge coin. He showed that to the French troops and safely reached home.

Military challenge coins are not limited to the army units. Its use is growing among the politicians, celebrities and private organizations, clubs and associations. President Bill Clinton has various military challenge coins awarded to him by different U.S. Servicemen. The coins are currently held in the Clinton Library. President George W. Bush received military challenge coin during his surprised visit to Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq, in September 2007 from the Marine Combat patrol unit. President Barak Obama used to wear challenge coin in the memory of the soldier killed in Fort Hood Shooting.

Though military challenge coins are not expensive in material but they have no match for the wearer and collector of coins as per their historical importance and identification.

Various Uses Of Military Challenge Coins

vetrans_dayMilitary challenge coin is another name of patriotism, pride and honor. In fact it has various names akin to the feelings that its wearers may have e.g., honor coin, unit coin, challenge coin, commander’s coin, pride coin etc. In the military, other than military challenge coins they are also called navy challenge coin and air force challenge coin as per their respective military branch. It minted in gold, bronze, copper or nickel and polished or plated with gold or silver to give it a lavish look.


Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins give as a ward in military branches and squadrons including air force, navy and defense forces. The trend of awarding challenge coin also lies in various government and private organizations.  If we trace the history of military challenge coin, we shall find various myths and realities about it. In fact, the origin of challenge coin is a matter of great debate. But the most famous and acceptably believe is that an officer from the United Air Force ordered to mint gold-plated bronze challenge coins for the first time. Whatever its origin, but its use of the military is imminent now, which starts as soon as an army man or woman successfully clears his military graduation. Military challenge coins are also awarded to the widow or relatives of the martyr.

CTU_coinThe forces of the United States have also been using military challenge coins as an identification mark. Especially in the second world war, the American soldiers or contact person used to have a Philippine challenge coins to show themselves with the Philippine guerrillas, who were fighting the Japanese forces.

Different Custom Coins Varies With Price Variations

Custom Challenge CoinsThe price also makes a coin customized. A regular standard coin costs between 4 to 15 dollars. The price of custom coins can be altered with customization. Each coin has its own properties like the color combination, material, coin manufacturing process, etc. These factors are very vital in deciding the price. Changing these elements can change the price too. For example, some companies allow up to 7 free colors. After that, the client needs to pay for each added color. The price may vary if the customer requires adding more colors. coinsSimilarly, the material also varies in price. Gold and silver plated coins are high priced coins.

The combination of the all the elements creates a coin. Changing one property may create an entirely new coin. This is the reason creating custom coin is a fun process too. It creates excitement for the designer to create a coin, that symbolizes the purpose it is manufactured for.

The tradition of customizing challenge coins is very old. After successful use of the first challenge coin, each military department decided to have their own unique coins. That was the first time in the world that somebody created personalized challenged coins. But, soon they became very popular. Now days, a lot of organizations are creating their own coins. Even families have their symbolic coins, which tell about the family roots. These coins are useful for telling future generations about their forefathers.

Companies issue special customized coins on every important occasion. Members of that company wear them to show they are celebrating the event together. Coin manufacturing companies issue special purpose coins for the general public. The public can also buy single coins if they want one.

What Makes Challenge Coin Personalized?

Challenge coins are medals that soldiers used to wear earlier during and after the First World War. A US Air Force coin saved the life of a soldier. This showed the effectiveness of the Custom Coins to the entire world. Afterward, they were used by government, non-government and private organizations. These are small medallions that anyone can wear. The main purpose of wearing them is to show membership and motivating groups for a noble cause.

Challenge coins can also be customized. When they are customized ones, they belong to a specific organization. But, what makes a challenge coin a custom one? Well, the variety is limitless. The color and color combination make them unique. Companies use colors that complement their company’s main theme. Similarly, there are many other factors that make them personalized.

Custom Coins Maker

Custom Coins Maker

Coin manufacturing companies usually hold a large collection of challenge coins, but they are just samples. The actual design of the coin can be proposed to the company. There are two ways of designing your coins. One is to prepare your own design and give for manufacturing. The second way is to tell requirements to a designer of the coin manufacturing company and have gotten coins ready. Already existing coins can be a great guideline.

The material of the coin can also create variations. There are a lot of materials available in the market. These include iron, brass, bronze, copper, etc. There are also platter options, which include gold and silver materials. If somebody has a high budget, these coins have ultimate look. For more click here to get a free quote about custom coins.

Create Your Award Challenge Coins With Free Artwork

Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Made Coins

It is not that difficult to create challenge coins these days. All those people who think that they cannot find coins on anything should refer to the different companies that mint coins and they can show them the designs and other things related to the minting of coins. Most of the coins are designed newly as the designs are usually copyrighted and cannot be used without permission. However the idea about the designs of the coins can be taken from the log book of the different designs already minted by a mint.

Challenge Coins are actually the best way to represent any company of any state; may it be Military unit, Police and Fire departments, Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Business Associations, Retirements, Church Groups, Fundraising, Weddings, Scout Troops, etc. Create challenge coins for any purpose without any hassle or any kind of heavy budget.

Several mints are functioning for the minting of different coins and it is necessary for people all over the world to get all what they want in their coins. The color combination, the shape, the size, the metal, everything is according to the use and purpose of the different clients.

The following steps are followed to create challenge coins:

a)    The heads of different departments decide what they need to create challenge coins for their department or club, school, etc.

b)    The design is finalized on paper first and then sent to the different mints for a quotation.

c)    The mint that is finalized then tells them the details of their design if it would be as good in metal as it is on paper. The necessary changes are made accordingly.

d)    The price is finalized according to the number of coins needed by the minter. The key to getting a lower price per piece is to get the maximum number of coins minted in one design.

e)    The shape of the coin should be counter checked so that no issues arise after minting especially if it is not the regular round shape.

f)    To create challenge coins the most important thing is the border of the coin which is in different designs and very important for the betterment of the final look of it.

g)    The packing and presentation of each coin is complimented by the mints and if the client needs something exceptional; that should also be discussed properly.

Custom Made Coins

To create challenge coins for the special forces of any country, any mint cannot be chosen. Each force usually has their own special mint or a mint that makes coins for all the government agencies does the process. These mints are aware of the importance and the level of what the different forces demand is and they work accordingly. They do not have any issues with the price and what is important is that the coins to be minted properly.

To create challenge coins for special occasions it should be seen that coins have special logos, dates, photographs, prayer or anything that is a part of the military tradition or any other purpose they are being used for. The coins should have such words on them that can raise the morale of the officers, students, players, etc whenever they see their challenge coin. To create challenge coins may not be that difficult but to create such coins that leave a lasting effect on the owners is what actually matters.

Importance Of Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge CoinsChallenge coins have a lot of importance in the life of all those people who are a part of the military. Gradually they have become important for the use of several other things as well which include the usage of the challenge coins by the civilians. There are many people who know that the challenge coins are a part of the different uniforms and they have to keep those coins with them day and night. All those people who are part of the military keep their challenge coins with them safely during the war. They have to make sure that most people know that they carry a challenge coin and for their own.

They have to carry these challenge coins in such a way that it is not too visible and yet quite easily accessible as well. Many officers carry these coins with them in a leather pouch while others carry them in their wallets along with other currency coins.

Challenge coins have been important for other agencies as well. The most important are that which are related to the government agencies, law forces and the military. All those people who were a part of any government agency were given challenge coins as a way to prove their identity or for their special services provided for the benefit of many. The coins are also given to the police force, the fire fighters, the navy, air force and army officers.

"Challenge Coins"

Custom Coins Making

There are other agencies that also get special coins minted for their workers and the workers are presented the coins as a token of appreciation for their hard work. The most unique part of custom coins are that they are now being minted in several colors, shapes and new ideas are being used for their betterment. All those people who want to use them for any reason can easily by getting them made at very economical rates and from any mint they want with the copyrights in their name.

The Role Of Custom Challenge Coins At Corporate Level

Custom Challenge Coins

Corporate Challenge Coins

Most of the businesses are directly and indirectly associated with the use of Challenge Coins in the US. There are several usages in the corporate level for these award coins. Make your employee associated with any particular group or motivating them by using these coins, these awards are a useful way of assigning the ranks to employees for making them the pride and trusty towards the organization and, for creating their loyalty. If someone is continuously performing well in his task and giving positive attitude for his task in the organization and performing well on a consistent basis. Then after some time it’s a duty of good organization to motivate him for his work as well as increase his current motivational level for future betterment in favor of the organization. At least that person deserves a challenge coin after some time. By holding the challenge coin in the organization that person must feel pride and respect for himself in the organization among his colleagues. So at the corporate level it is necessary that people should be associated with the custom coins for assigning different duties and tasks.

For the business and organizations custom challenge coins are very useful, because they look very memorable and attractive. These awards are used for a number of different purposes and reasons, if you want to educate promote and announces the reward then you can order these coins. These are not only limited with military but these coins are also having their own use of all over the world for every kind of business and every sort of professions and occupations. Custom coins are a great tool for ultimate marketing and promotion. These coins fetch the interest of the people towards products and services for increasing their sales membership and customer attraction. Due to their different design and coloring schemes these coins are helping people for making their business very successful that a person even can ever imagine. Manufacturing of these coins can be customized with different ways depending upon the requirement of the user. They have a great flexibility in design and appearances, that’s why real challenge coin contains a great source of conveying messages which should be delivered. Furthermore if you want to make coins more memorable than you can insert a bold image on it according to the required scenario.Challenge coins are double sided, so you can use each of the sides according to your requirement. Incentives and employee recognition programs hold custom awards for business use as well as motivational use. Any will establish organization can use these coins as an identity element for newly hire members.

In general if we talk about the use of Custom coins at corporate level then these coins are as versatile as any other element for relative use. Some time Custom Challenge Coins are used as a business card. They can include all information regarding the post and rank of the particular employee which is needed for contact. It can be single or double side coin; if the resource information is more than the size of challenge coin then designer use both of the sides else one side will remains plain or printed with the name of the organization. Normally for identity purpose name, contact number and name of the business is etched on the coin.


There are different kinds of medallions that are actually used to honor the services of different people at different levels and because of different actions that they have done in their lives that have proved fruitful for several people of their country. Many people think that medallions are just a part of the life of the military people but what they are unaware of is that these people have to follow a very tough routine and also stay away from their loved ones for a very long time in some branches of the forces. These medallions are still not given to every officer. The medallions are only given to those officers who services are worth honoring and the government and the department is proud of them. The custom medallions are of several different shapes and each department has a different picture on the custom modules; usually the logo of the unit. The different military medallions include all those special branches of the forces that make their officers work extraordinarily hard for the well being of the people and the country. The very Special Forces medals are quite special and they are made for all those people who think that these people are a part of the force that has actually made a difference with their hard work. These special medals are given out to the officers according to their hard work and this is categorized with the special metal that is used with these coins.

The custom police medals and the other kinds of medallions are all specially minted and their designs are copyrighted and cannot be copied at the nay stage by any other branch of the forces or the civilians specifically.

Most of the coins are packed up in a special box that is made especially according to the size of the coin as these coins differ with each ceremony and branch according to the logo and the amount of money each branch of the forces is ready to invest in these medallions. The medallions play a very important part in the lives of all the young recruits who are given a very special thing that if they work hard and put in all their energy for the good of their country and its people they would also be awarded with such medals. All those officers who lose their lives in the different acts they do against the criminals are also awarded these medallions. These medallions are received by their widows or if they were too young and not even married, then by their parents. When the medallions of a martyr are awarded in a ceremony, the whole area goes quite as in respect to the one who lost his life for the cause of his country.

Secret Behind To Success of Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

Military Challenge Coins

At the very start when Military Challenge Coins were introduced, they were just an ordinary part of the uniform. Later, when a soldier succeeded in escaping from the enemy’s place to his motherland, they become very popular. At the start, they were only used by the military. The military had its own norms and values of carrying military challenge coins.

All of them made sure that a particular soldier is wearing his military challenge coins by a special game which was a part of the military life. The game is still alive and has also expanded outside military. In the game one soldier asks the other to produce the coin. If the military challenge coins are present with the other soldier, he wins. Otherwise he loses and the challenger wins. This game is still a fun part of military and many other organizations. However, different organizations have set their own rules because they can’t follow the much disciplined life of the military. The rules are as it is in the military as they used to be.

This is the reason of success of military challenge coins. It develops a sense of responsibility in every person. It teaches the discipline. It also boosts the moral of the wearer because he feels he is a part of some big cause. And mostly military challenge coins have their own fascinations because they are related to the military life which everyone dreams of.

There is also another rule in military about military challenge coins. Soldiers cannot make modifications in the appearance of the coin. They cannot make holes into the coin to hang it. They cannot wear them in a way that their military challenge coins may deface. Actually defacing coins means it cannot be called a military challenge coin in the future. Defacing is strictly prohibited. Military challenge coins cannot be hung with belt buckles. It is also prohibited to make key chains of military challenge coins. These things may ruin them. Any coin which has defaced will no longer be known as military challenge coin.

In the history, pilots used to wear the military challenge coins by keeping them in a pouch around the neck. Pewter is the simplest way of military challenge coins finish. The other finishes for military challenge coins reaches for gold plated military challenge coins too.

Max Challenge Coins


Military Challenge Coins have their own finishes so they are available in a few metals like brass, copper, bronze, nickel, etc. With gold or silver plating to make them unique, special and specific. These military challenge coins are available in many shapes like round, oval, multifaceted, rectangle, star, etc. In fact, military challenge coins can take any shape of customer’s choice. Although, the manufacturing companies keep their own collections which people can choose from, but the customer can give his own unique ideas to manufacture their personalized military challenge coins.

Military challenge coins are very cost effective item which people today gift to each other. The trend of collecting military challenge coins is also getting strength. 

Challenging Officers With Challenge Coins

Max Challenge Coins-ArtworkThere are several kinds of Custom Challenge Coins which are used by the different forces all over the world. The most common and the oldest custom challenge coins are those that are used by the military forces. The origin of these coins goes back to the First and Second World Wars when these coins became a reason to save the lives of many soldiers who were able to reach their own borders, but there was no way to prove that they were actually the soldiers of the same country. These coins proved their identity and saved many lives.

The custom challenge coins are challenged in two different ways:

a)      By calling out verbally

When the officer calls out verbally for the others to show their coins all the people around them also get to know what the call has been made for.

b)      By snapping the coin hard on a flat surface

This is kind of a silent challenge however it is known by all those officers who are present near them.

All the officers are supposed to carry their custom challenge coins in case of an emergency.

The custom challenge coins are initially given out to all the officers after they start their military careers. These coins are to be kept with the officers at all times. To make sure that these coins are kept with them all the time the senior officials kept a check on their junior officers at different times during duty and non duty hours. These surprised checks make the officers aware of the fact that they have to keep the coin with them in every condition. The custom challenge coins are a good way to prove the identity in hard times.

The custom challenge coins are made up of usually the normal brass, copper, nickel and copper nickel while the expensive coins can be minted on special demand. Usually the expensive custom challenge coins are made and given as medallions to give to the officers for their brave acts and to honor their services in different times of hard work and patience. These special challenge coins have a very special place in the hearts and lives of these brave officers and these coins are passed on to generations and even sold at different museums at very high rates.

Most of the Custom Award Coins are round but as the trend of using challenge coins for different things is growing the people who mint the coins are introducing new designs and shapes. The coins are now made to order for any kind of logo or design that the customer wants. Of course the price of the coin which is not round in shape is more than that which is round but all those who are ready to make a mark with the special custom challenge coins spend a good amount on the minting of the coins. Many of the important government agencies have specially designed challenge coins of their own. Some of the special agencies have given out challenge coins to all their officers. These challenge coins are a way to give them a secret identity and this secret identity can be shown to other officials in case of any kind of trouble. The challenge coins are made of special material and these coins loose their importance if there shape is trying to be changed or a hole is trying to be borne through it.