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US Flag Day Challenge Coins

Us-Day-Flag-CoinUS Flag Day is an important day in the USA’s history. The day is celebrated to show love towards the flag of the USA. This day is celebrated on 14th June every year. People gather at a decided place and raise the flag. They feel happy for their flag. Patriot songs are sung, and food is eaten together. It is always a scene of the party. The design of the flag was adopted on 14th June. This is also the anniversary of Army establishment. The congress declared it a formal day back in 1777. There are many evidences when the event was celebrated. The historical literature tells in detail about it. However, very first time, US Flag Day was celebrated in 1777. The day shows the strength of the entire nation. They show the entire America is just one unit. They have the same thoughts and ideas about life and their surroundings. They want to do well for their country. To celebrate this special day in even exclusive way, each American needs a challenge coin. Challenge coins are a particular kind of medals with specific information about the event being celebrated. These coins are special in many ways. One is its price. Price wise challenge coins are an excellent tool for any kind of celebrations. One coin costs less than a dollar. Only fancy challenge coins come in a few dollars. However, this is a personal choice. If you are not very selective about the design and making of the coins, you can choose one design from several hundred options to buy them in a few cents per piece.

The first appearance of challenge coins is found in 1914 during World War 1. At that time, USA used them for the first time. Air Force of USA employed these coins for membership purpose. Soon, the popularity of coins increased and many individuals and companies utilized them for their own kind of purposes. One of those main reasons is celebrated. These coins are used for celebrating almost every event of the world.

The main kind of challenge coin that is issued on the occasion of US Flag Day is a coin with the picture of the flag. Each coin holds big sized flag image to show the event. In addition, some other important information is also printed on the coins. This may include the year of celebration, a number of US Flag Day, a saluting guy, etc. All these gestures show the event.

Us Flag DayMost probably, the first Flag Day in United States of America was celebrated in Waubeka, Wisconsin. In this place, there is a school called Stony Hill School. History says that was the first place where primary Flag Day was celebrated with the complete formal environment. First time American accepted the flag with stripes and stars. These days, all government organizations at least celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. Every person wears the flags in any way. The easiest and most cost effective way is making challenge coins. Different ceremonies are organized to celebrate the say. At the start of the ceremony, these coins are distributed among the participants. Sometimes, the coins are given away at the end of the ceremony to celebrate the Flag Day and the ceremony too.

On this special day, many people buy these coins as collectibles. Some gift the coins to their relatives, friends and other well-known persons.

What Makes A Custom Challenge Coin Really Customized?

Historic Military CoinsIn the history, first challenge coins were used to show specific persons are members of a specific organization. It was US Airforce who first used these coins. The need arose when a lot of people enrolled as volunteer Air Force pilots. They wanted to serve the military. They were issued these coins. They always wore those coins.

The popularity increased, and each department of military issued their custom coins. They had their own designs and appearances about their coins. The popularity started to increase very soon. It is still known as one of the best awards in today’s lifestyle. This is because they are low cost and strong in use. They are made of metal, so they do not wear out easily. They even last for a lifetime. They are not only used for awarding somebody, they are also used as a motivating, membership, and a promotional tool.

Police-Departments-and-Sheriff’s-Challenge-CoinsThese coins are customized according to their colors, metals, design, manufacturing process, shape, etc. All such things altogether make a huge variety. When somebody wants to select one coin for a particular purpose, it is not only fun process. But, the final custom challenge coin should appear according to the organization it is manufactured for. If it is built for the Army, its color, design, text, slogan, etc. should complement Army. The appearance should explain on its own the real purpose of coin creation.

This is the reason special designers design them. This is not the task of any designer. They are special designers who know how to bring out a coin with specifications provided. Usually, the resulting coins are beyond the expectations of the customer.

Collecting New Style Line of Challenge Coins

A collection of different types of Challenge Coins has been a part of the life of the different people. All those who want to keep the memory of old times in their hearts collect the different coins. These coins are the antiques that have been commonly liked and bought and sold at very high prices.


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Cash has to be dealt with paying tax while tax is not an issue with the challenge coins. Many people have developed the hobby of buying challenge coins, and making a good library out of their complete catalogue books based only on coins of all kinds and from every place in the world.

Collecting coins is a good way to show your love for them. There are several people in the USA who have a very extensive collection of coins. The military people are usually the ones who collect all kinds of coins related to all the different companies in their respected service.


Logo Coins

The logos on the coins are very attractive and most people just enjoy collecting them as a hobby. The coins are worth a lot of money. Coins are a good way to know about the different logos of different companies. The military and other factors and even make to order coins can be ordered by the coin lovers. Most of the challenge coins are given to the military to the people to ensure their safety, as well. The people of military use them as a model of safety for themselves. During the wars, the people of military keep these coins with them and at times many people have saved their lives. Many fighter pilots who had to eject during their flights and landed in some other countries, the presence of coins in their pockets saved their lives as the coins were a way to prove their identity.

Security Of Challenge Coins And Uses

There are many people who collect coins from different places. At times, it is not easy to get the military challenge coins for collection. Most of the coins are copy righted and are not given out to the common people. The officers have to return the coins which they were given for identity before retirement. This is important because it is based on the safety of the officers. All those people who are coin lovers, they have contact with the government officers. Only these officers are authorized to issue coins to any person outside the military. They can do so by making sure that they would not be any threat to the military or officers in any case. Even then they give out only the old coins that are not part of the present day usage. This helps with safety and the coin collector.

custom coins

Custom Coins For All

Coins are important, not just by the common man who loves to collect coins, but they are loved by the military men too. All those officers who have been given several medallions because of their brave efforts during their career, they keep the coins very safely. Special boxes and albums are created. These are displayed in special rooms and taken care of very cautiously.

Coins are not only used by man, but they are used for animals, especially dogs. It is very important to have custom dog tags for all those dogs that are a pet to anyone. Several companies make custom dog rags especially for the people who have lots of pet dogs. When dog shows are arranged the first thing to be seen are the dog tags around the neck of each participant. Most of the dogs that wear tags easily are those who are used to wearing one regularly.  The military dogs that are used to find the different criminals are called sniffers, and they are given special military coin shaped dog tags to discriminate them from other dogs.

Minting Of Navy Challenge Coins

The navy challenge coins are minted by special mints that mint coins for the armed forces. These special mints have all the details about the navy custom challenge coins online their website. When new coins are designed the old coins are kept in view so that the old design doesn’t get repeated. Because of the online websites of these special mints of the navy, the people who design the coins can easily log on and have a view of all the previous coins on a few pages, and they do not need to look at each and every coin. When looking at these challenge coins, a few ideas pop up that are new, and can be made by correlating a few ideas from the different coins.

The navy challenge coins are minted in the same way as any other challenge coins. The main steps that are followed for the minting of these challenge coins are:

a) Getting the design of the coin approved on paper

b) When all the details are minutely checked the design is copied out on the metal.

c) The metal is then cut out, and a coin is shaped, this is like a coin cutter. This coin cutter is used to mint out the coins out of metal that is to be used.

d) For the final touch if any kind of paint is required it is done by hand.

The navy challenge coins order is completed usually within two weeks. It is the responsibility of the different people to take care of these coins and get them minted and shipped to the respective department. The delivery time for these coins is pro-decided it is a nice idea to have them delivered to avoid any problem. The rates of the coins are decided before the placement of the order the shipment is complimentary.

The Marine Challenge Coins

The marine challenge coins started with the Marine Corps air station. All the officers who were a part of the flying squadron were given the coins as a part of their uniform and identity. These challenge coins were supposed to be with the officers at all times. The officers had to carry these coins even during off duty hours. The coins served as a secret identity during the war times. These coins were to be a part of the routine life of all the officers, and the coins were a thing to be proud.

The challenge coins were not only given to these officers as a part of their uniform, but the custom challenge coins are also awarded to the brave and courageous soldiers for their utmost and zealous efforts in their country throughout their career. The person who works hard and spends his life for the betterment of his country is awarded the special coins that are specially minted for them.

The special coins that award for bravery are usually made of special and expensive metals like gold or silver. All those people who think that the marine challenge coins are not that authentic should know better that, among the armed forces, these coins are thought of very highly.

Most of these coins serve as a morale booster or a lucky charm for the officers. They carry these coins so that they can identify themselves as a part of the marines, and the logo of their unit is stamped on the coin. Every unit has its separate coin that is given to its officers that they carry with them.

These coins are also challenged by officers by placing them on a hard flat surface; all those officers present had to show their coins or had to buy a round of drinks to all those present there. This challenge is quite expensive for one who has to buy drinks for all, however it is a kind of check by the marines to make sure that the coins are kept by the officers at all times.

Saluting The Coast Guards


Army Challenge Coins

There are several people who think that the coast guards are servants and not a part of the military or they are third rated or poor citizens. It should be known to that lot of coast guards are being hired by the naval forces because their duty is very tough. The coast guards have to give their duty even in the worst weather conditions which include very hot and extremely cold weather. The commemorative coast guard challenge coins are given to all those coast guards who work hard on the coast by giving directions to the ships and making sure that no harm comes to the ships or the other sailors. These custom challenge coins are used for saluting the officers, who worked hard during the war in making rescue operations, to save the lives of several others. Many people do not actually know that a coast guard is used not just for the rescue operation of someone who is drowning at sea but they also rescue big boats and ships in danger. These coins are a good way to raise the spirits of these hard working men who keep their lives in constant risk and danger. They do not care that they have their families behind them. If something happens to them, the families might not even get the bodies. The dead cost guards might drown or get eaten by big fish. It is a tough job and a very risky one too.

It is a good idea to salute these men by giving them special commemorative coast guard coins that are made up of expensive metals like silver or gold so that they know that they are an asset to the forces and their lives are equally important, and their services are highly appreciated.

History of The Coins


The custom challenge coins have a very interesting history. They were a part of the Greek era as well as the early eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century. They became common after the First World War. During the war, the civilians were invited to help in flying the Air Force planes. The training was given less time. A group of fifteen pilots was given a special coin with logo and the date of the training by one of the group members. They vowed to carry these coins with them as they were a memory of their fraternity. One of the pilot’s plane crashed in his own country.

Custom Challenge CoinsThe officers who caught the pilot did not believe that he was not an enemy pilot. He suddenly remembered the coin that was tied around his neck in a leather pouch. He showed them the coin, which was checked, and the officer was released. The coin saved the life of the officer and from here the trend started. It became a necessity for every officer to carry a challenge coin. The coins are minted by the different battalions of their officers. Each battalion has a different logo and the coins have to keep safely with the officers. The officers use these coins in all kinds of emergency purpose. They have to be kept in their original shape, and any alternation would leave them of no use.

Custom CoinsThe coins are not only used for challenging, but they are also used to commemorate the services of the different officers. A special ceremony is organized, and the head of the state presents the coins to the brave officers. The coins are also placed in special boxes that are made to order. This makes all the officers very proud. These coins are made up of expensive materials like gold, silver or platinum.