Challenge Coins have an age old history which goes back to the Roman era and the world wars specifically. In those times the coins were used either for money or for challenging other officers. Their another use was to bring the culture and heritage in the form of pictures of coins to keep their memory and that is how the archeologists and history finders have learnt about the times then when they have dug out in the ruins and have found coins that depict the Roman culture. The bottle openers’ coins that have been used since the World War 1 is  basically an easy way to carry the coins at all times and to show them whenever they are challenged. There are many people who think that the officers can carry the challenge coins more secretively yet open way if they carry them in different forms like the bottle openers which is not very obvious and yet right in front.

So the officers are challenged very strictly now and then to make sure that they are carrying their coins with them even if they are off duty.

The challenge coins bottle openers do not seem very attractive at the first thought but if you take a look at these coins you would definitely be awed at the wonderful masterpieces that are created by these coin designers. At one glance may be you won’t even be able to make out what these coins actually are, they are not at all round in shape rather they are several different designs which make them unique in their own ways. Many people think that carrying these special and unique bottle openers is a very chic thing and they can make themselves feel more important if they use these openers among friends and family members especially if they are not a part of the military. However the military people strictly have to follow the rules and out of which the most important one is that they cannot lend these bottle openers coins to anyone, in case they are caught without their challenge coins.

The custom bottle openers have a very unique look and the convenience and the easy portability of these coins is very useful along with the charm of the beauty of a military bottle opener.