Awarding The Brave Soldiers

Custom Award CoinsThe brave soldiers are awarded by the government and their own organizations for the excellent work they do. Many soldiers lose their lives in different operations while others hurt themselves so badly that they get handicapped for the rest of their lives while others return safe and sound. However all three categories of soldiers are awarded award challenge coins which are given in a special ceremony arranged on a very large scale with the help of the government. All those people who think that they are eligible of getting the special award challenge coins and have not got the chance to prove they can always ask their officers to post them at such places where their life is at risk and they can do something for their country.

These award challenge coins are given to all the officers for their extraordinary efforts and all those officers who got martyred during the whole situation, their families receive the coins on their behalf. The wives or parents or even children are presented the coins for the brave soldier who was a part of their family who laid his life for his country and for which not just the family but also the government and the country are proud of.

The awards are presented in special ceremonies and usually the President or Prime Minister of the state presents the award winners with these coins. The coins are given out in special glass cases or velvet boxes and these presenting boxes are specially made to order. The coins are also expensively made in gold, silver or platinum along with the year and date of the task which engulfed the lives of the brave soldiers yet the whole life of the martyr remained a symbol of pride for his family and those that he knew forever.