How to Choose Ribbon Colors for Challenge Coins?

Different types of challenge coins to express the feelings for a brave act or a special occasion for any one are given. These special challenge coins hold a very important place in the life of those who are awarded the coins. The coins are given for different purposes by different departments and organizations. The ribbons used to hold the coin and place it around the neck show the importance and the different colors depict what the coin is for. The different colors show the different feelings which include:

  1. Mourning
  2. Hope
  3. Cancer
  4. Organ donor
  5. Abuse
  6. AIDS
  7. Brave
  8. Pride

And several other feelings which are clearly depicted through the different colors so that all those present in the ceremony that gives out the coins get to know what the coin depicts for the other person.

The Red color of the ribbon shows that the ribbon is for any kind of disease including AIDS, heart disease, etc. When put through a challenge coin it stands for the love of the organization for their officer/worker. The orange color ribbon is specially given out to the brave Highway and Road worker who may have lost his life or suffered an accident. The color depicts the love and respect for the hard worker.

Yellow colored ribbons show the support to the troops who work hard on the borders. They are awarded the ribbons to show the appreciation and love of the public for their extra ordinary efforts of staying away from their loved ones to protect the borders of their country.

Green color ribbons when tied around a challenge coin shows the appreciation that an organization has for a person who has been fighting a severe disease that needs big transplants.

The black colored ribbon is for the mourning color and tied around the coin of those who have lost their lives in some act of bravery saving lives of many. With black there are other colors also attached to show that the one who has lost his life holds a high place in the hearts of the others.

Almost every color stands for something or the other and one should check out the importance of the color before attaching it to a challenge coin as many ribbons are just for different illnesses and supporting against the cause of them.