Create Your Own Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are very much in fashion these days. The reason is that all those people who want to advertise about anything know that coins are the best kind of advertising tool presently. The best part of coins is that they remain in very good condition even after decades. Some centuries old coins have also been recovered which show that coins were popular in the past times as well. Coins not just attract the attention of young children but they are very popular among elders and teenagers as well. Apart from all this it is very important to make a coin with such a mark that it gets popular with the public. Normally a coin takes about two weeks time to get minted.  Following are the steps which may be trailed to create your own coin:


A basic design is made which has to be approved by the client. The design may be sent in by the client as well. The design on both sides of the coin should have all the basic things which include the logo, text, colors, dates etc on it. The usual coins have the same size but any kind of size or design can be made as per order by the client.

All this work is done on paper which after being approved by the client is estimated for the cost per coin. Most of the mints detail their client within two days at the maximum about the cost. This is usually called a quotation which is free of cost.


The next step is to review the quotation very minutely and refer to the printer for any kind of details. The text and the colors should be rechecked again and again for any kind of mistakes so that the final imprint does not have any problems because once the print comes on metal from paper then things are unchangeable. The time and the rechecking process can take as much time till the client is completely satisfied. After that the printing process begins. It should be known to the client that if epoxy colors are used they may differ from the colors shown on paper.


Confirming the paper sample one can easily place the order of his coins by filling an online order form. For any kind of further details that are not understood the phone lines can be used. Speaking with the printer over the phone would give a further clear picture of your coin.

The shipping of the coins is free and the order is completed and delivered within two weeks. The quality of the coins is guaranteed and the details done on each coin separately are done by experts.

Creating coins is not difficult it’s just that the logo and the text on the coin should be checked and proof read again and again before giving a final verdict so that there is no mistake in the coin. Having free quotations gives the client a better idea of what he has to do.