About Us

Max Challenge Coins is a renowned challenge coins maker known for its great varieties, remarkable craftsmanship and quality products. As a custom challenge coins maker, we’ve always been helping our customers meet their creative potential. We know what can work to bring out the same style and design that you visualize. We pay full attention even to the slightest details of our every challenge coin. That’s why our customers utilize our services time and again. They get a matchless experience of developing their own challenge coins in a very exciting and befitting way. Challenge Coins are given away to make people remember you whenever they look at them, but every challenge can’t serve this purpose. You really need exciting designing, quality materials and nice shapes of challenge coins to achieve that goal. Our expert challenge coins makers know what all it takes to develop such challenge coins which leave a lasting sign in the mind of the receivers.

No matter what the shape, size, color or material you’ve picked for your challenge coins, we’ll produce the same quality and style you have imagined.